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limit number of tabs in chrome
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Xtab is a free Google Chrome extension to limit the maximum number of tabs which can remain open at a time. When the limit is reached, it auto closes the already opened tabs based on the condition set by you using extension options. You can close least recently used tab, least accessed, or oldest tab.

free flux alternative software for windows
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Here are 3 free f.lux alternative software for Windows. These software help to automatically change screen color and brightness (or simply Gamma) based on the time period of the day. You can also set night time as well as day time color temperature as per your comfort.

open, create and edit webloc links on windows
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This tutorial explains how to open, create, and edit Webloc links on Windows. This can be done with a handy and free software “WeblocOpener”. You can launch Webloc internet URL links, edit any available Webloc link, or create new Webloc links on Windows.

compare excel files side by side with difference highlight
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Here is a free software to compare two Excel files side by side and highlight the differences. This software is known as “ExcelMerge”. You can view full data with different values or see only the difference between two Excel files. You can also set the difference color as per your choice.

Free Patio Design Software For Windows
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This article covers a free patio design software for Windows. It lets you design your home from walls to doors, windows, furniture and other stuff. With the help of this software, you can easily create awesome designs for the patio area.

download different file types from a webpage
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Download Links is a free Firefox add-on to download MP3, PDF, DOC, MP4, JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT, and other files from a webpage. Its pop-up shows the different file types available in a webpage and lets you select file types of your choice. After that, you can see total number of files to download and then save them to PC.