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free reddit image downloader software
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Here are 3 free Reddit image downloader software for Windows. You can add a particular subreddit and then fetch all the images available under that subreddit. There are some unique features also. You can set multiple threads, set number of posts to fetch images, preview Reddit image before download, etc.

free vimeo video downloader software
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Here are 2 free Vimeo video downloader software for Windows. To download a particular Vimeo video, all you need is just the URL of it. While natively it is not possible to download Vimeo video directly, these software make this process possible as well as easier.

2 Free Kiosk Browser Software For Windows
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This article covers 2 free Kioski Browser Software for Windows. You can use these software in public internet access sites to only allow a restricted browser and lock the other functionality of a computer.

sort chrome tabs by domain
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This tutorial explains how to sort Chrome tabs by domain. All the opened tabs are sorted domain wise in alphabetical order. Thus, tabs related a particular website will remain together and it will be easy to find a tab from the bunch of tabs.

Open Source BPG Viewer Software For Windows
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This article talks about the BPG file format and open source BPG viewer software for Windows. BPG is a feature-packed image format that isn’t supported by many popular image viewers. With these open source software, you can easily open a BPG file on your Windows PC.

5 Photo Location Finder Websites Free
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This article covers 5 photo location finder websites. With these free websites, you can find the location where a photo was taken and plot it on the map. Some of these websites also let you remove/change the location data of your photo.