Create Product Images with Custom, AI Generated Backgrounds with this Chrome Extension

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BG Remaker is an AI-powered visual editor extension that enables you to create Product Images with customized, AI-generated backgrounds free of charge. It is based on ChatGPT’s AI intelligent image processing technology and can greatly help creators to improve the efficiency of their work. BG Remaker significantly reduces the time and effort required for image processing, providing more individuals with the chance to create stunning, original works swiftly.

All that you need to do is upload the product photo, and the tool will automatically remove the current background. Then, just input a natural language prompt describing the desired background and lean back and relax as the extension uses powerful AI technology to quickly generate the product image with the specified background.


1. Click on this link to install BG Remaker extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click on the button ‘Upload Image’ in the Item Photo section. If you simply want to test the product, you can choose from any of the product images available at the bottom.

Upload image

3. You can observe that the image will be displayed on the screen after removing its existing (original) background. If you find that the background of the uploaded image has not been removed appropriately, you can refine it further by clicking on the ‘Refine Background’ button below the image.

Background removed

Refine background

4. Next, click on the tab ‘AI Replace BG’ in the left side panel, input the natural language prompt describing the background that you desire and click on the ‘Generate’ button. Alternatively, you can click on any of the Templates that are available in the panel and notice that the corresponding prompt will appear in the text box. Modify it if required, and then click on the ‘Generate’ button.

Describe prompt

5. Wait for some time while BG Remaker generates the background based on your prompt and provides 2 variations of the uploaded image with the new background.

Background generated

Background generated

6. You can click on the ‘Scale’ drop down to choose the scale of the image such as 3:2, 4:3 9:16 and more. To download the image with the AI generated background, click on the ‘Download’ icon at the bottom left of the image.


7. BG Remaker also enables you to select a background of your choice, whether it’s a specific color or an existing photo from its extensive collection. To do this, simply click on the corresponding tabs located in the left-side panel.

8. If you find any royalty free image in a website that you would like to use for your product photos, just right-click the mouse, choose BG Remaker, and the selected photo will be automatically loaded into the plugin. You can then follow the same steps that we have explained above to generate the background and download the product image.

Closing Comments:

Overall, BG Remaker looks to be a good visual editor that you can use to create amazing product images with AI-generated backgrounds. It uses ChatGPT’s image processing technology and helps reduce the time and effort that creative professionals require for creating product images and thereby improve their efficiency.

Feel free to experience BG Remaker and share your thoughts with us. Install this extension from the Chrome Web Store by clicking here.

Click here for another AI Based application called Pixelcut, that allows you to create Product Images for free and provides you with different tools like Background Remover, Magic Eraser, Upscaler and AI Photoshoot.

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