2 Free Motion Photos Viewer for Windows 11 PC

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Motion photos are pictures which are accompanied by a very short video segment. When users capture a motion photo using an Android phone, the device records a short video that comprises several additional frames before and beyond the exact moment when the picture was captured.

Motion photos help to add context to your images and serve as an excellent means to enhance your memories. You can share these motion photos with your family and friends in the form of a video file. Additionally, it allows you to select the exact moment you wish to preserve as a still frame. On an Android Phone, you can easily view the Motion Photo as a still image as well as the brief video snippet. But when you copy / move these images to your computer you will be able to only see the image and not the embedded video.

In this article we will be exploring 2 Free Motion Photos Viewer for Windows 11 that will allow the users to extract the short video snippet once the Motion photos are transferred to your computer.

1. Motion Photo Utility

This is a free Windows utility that scans all your Motion Photos from a chosen folder and then extracts and stores them as separate standard format images and short videos. You can then use any of the popular applications to view or edit them. Subsequently, you can use any popular applications to view or edit the extracted files. Click on the link that we have provided below to download Motion Photo Utility. Since it is a self-contained JAR (Java Archive) you must download and install Java 8 for it to run successfully.

Launch the application by double clicking on the file MotionPhotoUtil.jar. Next, click on the second button at the top and choose the folder which contains the Motion Photos. Now, click on the button ‘Scan Images’ and observe that the filenames of the Motion Photos that contain both the still image and the short video will turn green which indicates that you can split these files into separate image and video files. If the filenames appear orange, it signifies that they do not contain any video information. Also, red colored filenames indicate that the video data has been corrupted.

Finally, click on the button ‘Export’ images and application will attempt to extract the data from all the Motion Photo files in the chosen folder, split them into separate images and short videos and save them in their respective folders under the current working directory. To view the extracted files, just double click on the filename and they will be opened in the default desktop application.

Click here to download Motion Photos utility. To install Java Runtime Version 8, click here.

Motion Photo utility

Motion Photo utility

2. GoMoPho

This is a command line utility for extract videos from Motion Photos. Click on the link that we have provided below to download the ZIP archive of this utility.

Extract the contents of the Zip file to a specified folder. Press the ‘Windows  + R’ key combination on your keyboard to open the ‘Run’ program, type ‘cmd’ and hit ‘Enter’. Now navigate to the folder where you have unzipped the downloaded utility and run the executable program GoMoPhoConsole.exe without any arguments. Observe that you will be greeted with a welcome message.

Welcome screen

Press any key on your keyboard except ‘A’ and choose the folder where you have saved your Motion Photos. On providing the correct folder, the utility will process all the Motion Photos in that location and extracts the available videos. You can also provide arguments to the GoMoPho command line utility to automatically provide the input / output folder path, search pattern to find the photos and more. To know more about this, press the ‘A’ key immediately after you launch the application.

Click here to download the GoMoPho utility (GoMoPho.CrossPlatform.3.6.zip) for Windows.

Extract videos

Closing Comments:

You can try any of the above Windows based desktop tools to extract the short video snippets from Motion Photos.

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