3 Best Free Online MOSFET Calculator Websites

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This post covers the 3 best free online MOSFET calculator websites. MOSFET stands for Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor. It is a type of transistor used to amplify or switch electronic signals. It has three terminals: gate, source, and drain. A MOSFET Calculator helps in designing MOSFET circuits by providing calculations related to parameters such as voltage, current, power, and resistance.

These calculators utilize the MOSFET equations to perform calculations based on user input. This allows you to analyze and optimize their MOSFET circuits. The MOSFET calculation typically includes MOSFET parameters like Vgs (gate-source voltage), Vds (drain-source voltage), Id (drain current), and MOSFET characteristics such as threshold voltage and transconductance. Most calculators are designed to handle various MOSFET types, including N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs. The calculator can perform calculations related to MOSFET biasing, small-signal analysis, power dissipation, and other key parameters. Below are three websites where you can perform MOSFET calculations online.


OmniCalculator.com is a popular website with a vast collection of online calculators. It has an online MOSFET calculator. The MOSFET calculator helps you know about the metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET), from its basics to its operations. The calculator calculates the Source-drain current based on the Threshold Voltage (VT), K parameter, Drain-source Voltage (Vds), and Gate Source Voltage (Vgs). You can simply add the values of these four parameters to get the Source-drain current (ID). It is a reversible calculator that can help you find any involved parameter when the rest of the parameters are known. This calculator also has an advanced mode that lets you factor in the metal specifications including Length, Width, Capacitance, and Electron Mobility. In addition to that, it explains the principles of operation of a MOSFET and how to calculate its threshold voltage.


EverythingPE.com is a website that provides resources related to radio frequency technology. It offers a range of resources and services, including datasheets, white papers, and more content. This website has a Gate-Source Voltage Calculator. This calculator is designed to calculate the gate-source voltage of a MOSFET in terms of input voltage, transconductance, and the value of the series resistor. This calculator takes Input Voltage in Volts or millivolts, MOSFET Transconductance, and Resistor. Based on the added data, it calculates the Gate Source Voltage in Volts.


BYU.edu website offers a free online MOSFET Calculator. This calculator allows you to calculate the current through two terminals of an n-type MOSFET.  It provides fields to input parameters such as gate voltage range, step size, drain voltage range, channel doping, and threshold voltage. From the input values, it determines the Threshold Voltage (VT). Along with the calculator, it also plots a chart with Drain voltage (Vd) on the x-axis and Current (Id) on the y-axis. This calculator helps you understand the behavior of MOSFETs, including their current characteristics and operating regime

Closing Words

These websites provide easy-to-use calculators that you can access anytime anywhere. By calculating parameters such as voltage, current, power, and resistance. these calculators can help you design and analyze MOSFET circuits.

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