Convert PDF to MP3 Audio with this Free Open Source Tool: PDFNarrator

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PDFNarrator is a free and open source tool that you can use to convert a PDF file to audio. This tool basically performs text to speech operation on the input PDF file and generates an MP3 file. With this, you can convert a PDF file to audiobook and share with anyone. It uses Google Translate client to convert PDF to audio. You can change the accent of voice and convert as many PDF files to MP3 audio as you want. This tool runs from the command line, and you can use it on all major platforms; macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Converting PDFs to audio has many benefits such as enhanced accessibility, improved learning, multitasking, and provide convenience for individuals of all abilities and learning styles. There are many use cases as well where you might need a PDF file such as for language learning, getting away from the screen to avoid eye stain, and many more. Whatever reason you have, good thing is that the tool I am mentioning here will take care of all.

How to Convert PDF to MP3 Audio with this Free Open Source Tool?

PDFNarrator is written in Python, so, you will need Python to use it. You just have to install dependencies and then get started right away. So, start by cloning the GitHub repository of PDFNarrator and then install the required dependencies. To do that, you just need to run these commands.

git clone && PDFNarrator

pip install -r requirements.txt

install PDFNarrator requirements

Now, you can start using the main script. Copy the target PDF file that you want to convert to audio. Move it in the root directory of the repository where the file exists. And then you run the command like this.

python PDF_File Mp3_Audio_File

Run PDFNarrator Tool

After the above commands, finishes, you will see a new MP3 file will create in the current working directory.

PDFNarrator Audio File

You can now keep using this simple command line tool in this way. Just supply the correct PDF file in the above command and then let the script take care of the rest. Since this is a command line tool, you can prepare a batch script and then execute it to convert multiple PDF files to audio for free.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for a free tool to quickly convert a PDF file to Mp3 audio, then you are at the right place. Just try the tool I have mentioned here and convert as many PDF files you have to audio. You can convert any PDF file to audiobook and then even sent it to anybody you like. A little downside of the tool is that it takes long time to generate the final audio file. So, do not use it for mass PDF to audio conversion.

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