Free iPhone app to Generate Fitness Exercises using AI

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Stryde Workout Planner is a free iPhone app to generate fitness exercises using AI. It takes a fitness goal from you as an input and then generates the exercise schedule that you can follow. It allows you to quickly generate an exercise plan or session that you can save in the app itself and then follow it to reach your goal. The app is very simple and straightforward, as you just have to input your goal and then it will take care of rest of the process automatically.

If you are a fitness freak and struggling to find a companion app for fitness, then Stryde Workout Planner might turn out to be a good option for you. You just specify what you want, and it will generate list of exercises that you can follow. The generated list is editable as well and before adding an exercise in your schedule, you can delete it if you want to. You can create multiple workout schedules in this app and then follow them in gym as it comes with a stopwatch as well.

Free iPhone app to Generate Fitness Exercises using AI:

You can find it on Apple App Store or follow this link to install it. After installation, you can start using it right away. There is no sign up or registration so you can quickly just proceed to generating the exercise plan. The main screen looks like this.

Stryde Welcome Screen

Now, you enter the prompt for your exercise goal. You can describe that here with as much clarity as you can.

Stryde Enter Fitness Goal

After a few seconds, it will generate a list of exercises for you that you can follow. It is as simple as that. The list of generated exercises looks like this.

Stryde AI Generated Excercises

Now, when the exercise has been generated, you can simply save it. You can generate multiple exercises session in this way and save them after editing.

When you have finally generated list of exercises, they will be saved in the app. You can anytime pull them when you are in the gym and start any of them. There is a timer that comes with each exercise and when you start, you just start the timer as well and then follow the series of steps.

Stryde AI Generated Excercises Start

In this way, you can use this simple iPhone app to create personalized exercise schedule without the need of a fitness trainer or expert. The AI will do the job for you as you just have to enter your goal.

Closing thoughts:

As a fitness freak, if you are looking for an intelligent fitness companion app then you are at the right place. Stryde Workout Planner is amazing app, and I really liked its simple interface and the way it works. The AI part works phenomenally, and you should give it a try to see it in action. I really hope that they release an Android version of the same app soon.

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