Free Mood Tracker app for iPhone with Activities: Moodpress

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Moodpress is a free app for iPhone which helps you track your mood. This self-help app registers your mood on the daily basis and reflects the stats as a result. You can analyze the change in your mood and activities through infographics.

More than one mood for a day can be registered as well. You can modify the theme of the app. Furthermore, you can choose among the four modes press, slider, row and cycle style, along with the appearance of the app from various styles like dark mode, light modes etc.

It helps you takes entries of your mood and activities which you have been doing around that time, and in turn shows your data of all the entries in visual format. You can observe the figures carefully to understand on what days your mood was good and on what days it was not. You can see the frequency of all your activities. And from all this data you can figure out your lifestyle. You can realize what’s wrong and what’s not, along with the reasons behind them.

How to use Moodpress

Install Moodpress in your iPhone.

Upon installing, it will show you its homepage. There you can enter your mood for the current date or previous days of the calendar.

Moodpress home image

When you tap on the (+) plus button, the app will ask you for your mood.

Moodpress mood buttons

You can check stats of your daily mood and activities. Select the mood which is closest to what you are feeling right now.

Moodpress stat1

Moodpress stat2

Now select the activities which you’ve done recently. You can also add comments, time and a picture in case you want to add a memory for the moment.

Moodpress activity menu

You can change the theme, which means you can change the mode of the input panel where you register your mood, and you can also change the appearance of the app to light mode, dark mode and various other options.

Moodpress appearance change

Change emojis, fonts and set daily reminders.

Moodpress emoji change


Moodpress is a great self-help app using which we can track our mood changes. We can learn about our lifestyle, about what things affect us in what ways. It is basically a journal in which we log our mood. And I’ve always been a big fan of Journal keeping. Moodpress also provides some advance features of mood stats in its premium package. With those features, you can see what activities influence your mood.

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