Free Workout Planning and Tracker app for iPhone: Gym Diary

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Gym Diary is a fitness app for IOS. With a lot of amazing features like custom workouts, tracking your progress, your calorie intake, your body weight, etc. it can be of great help during workouts.

The app keeps record of your daily workouts and the history of all your reports till now. You can enter details of each exercise you did in what amount of time, and how many reps you did in a set with how much weight. With this app, you can track the amount of time you spent in doing which exercise. Now track your progress easily using a single app.

Track your fitness journey with progress graphs, categorize your workouts and make a workout plan, keep in check what food you eat in what quantity along with your weight gain or loss in the same app. Various other options like customizing the theme, changing app icons, changing measurement units, setting daily reminders etc. are also available.

How to use Gym Diary

Open app store and install Gym Diary.

Launch the app. It’ll ask you for your name and then introduce you with its features through infographics. You can skip them and reach the home page.

Gym Diary home

Here you can create a workout plan according to your needs. You can select any exercise(s) which you want to be included in your workout.

Gym Diary workout list

You can keep record of all your sets and reps as well.

Gym Diary set-rep record

The app also keeps your daily record of the exercises. Like how many exercises you did in a day.

Gym Diary daly records

You can keep track of your calorie intake and weight.

Gym Diary calorie and weight tracking

Inside settings, you get options for measurement units, changing app icon, daily reminder etc.

Gym Diary settings panel


Gym Diary can make a good assistive app in the gym for it has all the needed features. But unfortunately, you only get to use them once. You can create only a single workout in the free plan of the app. To go beyond that, you have to buy the premium plans.

Editor Ratings:
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