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Are you someone who takes pleasure in extensive reading but often feels overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of information scattered across the internet? Are you the individual who finds it challenging to stay abreast of the constant flow of news and articles? It’s universally acknowledged that reading everything in its entirety can be time-consuming, yet skimming poses the risk of overlooking vital details. If this resonates with you, fear not, for ReadPilot has been specially designed to cater to individuals like you.

ReadPilot is a free AI-based Google Chrome Extension that empowers you to read any webpage in 1 minute with just 1 click. All that you need to do is navigate to the webpage that you wish to read and the AI of ReadPilot will summarize and condense it bringing the reading time to within 1 minute. It gets you the TLDR in the exact language, length, and style that you want with and helps you to save a lot of hours every day.


1. Click on this link to install ReadPilot from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Navigate to the web page that you wish to read and activate the extension. Sign up using your Google credentials when prompted.

3. Note that the default language is English, and the AI model is GPT-3.5. You can modify these settings by clicking on the respective buttons.

Choose Language, AI Model

4. Click on the ‘Generate’ button on the right-side panel and wait patiently as ReadPilot’s AI scans the page and understands the key contents, producing a summary that condenses the reading time to around 1 minute.

AI Summary

AI Summary

5. If needed, you can click on the ‘Prompt’ button and choose from multiple official Prompt templates.

Closing Comments:

Overall ReadPilot stands out in a market that is focused on chatbots rather than content summarization. It scans any webpage, understands its key contents and automatically generates the summary to bring the reading time of the page to under a minute. Instead of boasting about a lot of flashy features it entirely focuses on streamlining your reading process.

It is a perfect tool for students, researchers, or anyone who need read lots of pages every day. Save yourself from the the contradiction between limited time and unlimited information.

Go ahead and try out ReadPilot and supercharge your reading efficiency. Click here to install it from the Chrome Web Store.

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