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save and restore typed text of any webpage
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Here is a free Chrome extension to save whatever you type on all webpages. It works on all websites or form filling pages. As soon as you type some text, it stores that text automatically and then lets you restore that text in just two clicks. It is very helpful when you accidentally close or refresh the tab.

2 Free Kiosk Browser Software For Windows
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This article covers 2 free Kioski Browser Software for Windows. You can use these software in public internet access sites to only allow a restricted browser and lock the other functionality of a computer.

sort chrome tabs by domain
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This tutorial explains how to sort Chrome tabs by domain. All the opened tabs are sorted domain wise in alphabetical order. Thus, tabs related a particular website will remain together and it will be easy to find a tab from the bunch of tabs.

get instagram notifications for post like and comment on pc
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This tutorial covers how to get Instagram notifications on PC for any post liked and commented by some Instagram user. You will see Instagram username in the desktop notification whenever some photo/video is liked or commented. It can be done using a free Chrome extension, known as “WebClient for Instagram”.

open chrome tabs in microsoft edge
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This tutorial covers how to open Chrome tabs in Microsoft Edge browser. You can open all the tabs of active window, all the tabs of all opened windows of Chrome browser, or the active tab of Chrome browser in Microsoft Edge. This can be done using a free Chrome extension, named as “Open in MS Edge”.

generate heading structure of a webpage in firefox
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This tutorial shows how to generate heading structure of any webpage in Firefox. The list of all the headings, like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, etc., is generated and visible on the left sidebar. For each heading, you can also see the text associated with it. For this, I have used a free Firefox add-on, known as “HeadingsMap”.