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Are you a person who regularly navigates and consumes content on several websites that include blogs, news articles, research portals and more. Surely, you may encounter numerous instances when you intended to save specific content from the web page as a text string rather than saving it’s the web link for future reference. This is exactly where MarkX can help you to improve your efficiency and productivity.

MarkX Bookmarks and Highlights Manager is a free Google Chrome Extension that alters the way you are used to gathering insights from the world wide web. It streamlines your study and research by helping you to effortlessly highlight and save important text snippets from any web page, blog, news article, research paper and more without leaving the page. Along with this, it automatically bookmarks the page from where you have captured the text so that it can be easily accessed whenever required.

The text snippets that you save are visible only to you and this ensures total privacy and security. MarkX will soon release a Cloud-Synced Backup feature that will help you to access your saved snippets from any device so that they are readily available to you from any location.


1. Click on this link to download and install MarkX extension from the Chrome Web store.

2. Next, navigate to the website from where you wish to capture text extracts, highlight the required text, right-click your mouse and choose ‘Bookmark xxxxx’ as shown in the screenshot below, where xxxxx will be replaced by the first few words of the text that you have highlighted and Voila, your job is done.

Highlight and save snippet

Highlight and save snippet

3. Click on the extensions icon ahead of the Chrome address bar and choose ‘MarkX’ to launch the plugin. You will now be able to view the text snippets that you saved above.

Saved Snippets

4. If you wish to edit the saved text, hover your mouse cursor over the required snippet and click on the ‘Edit’ icon that appears towards the right. Modify the text as required and click on the ‘Save’ icon to save the changes.

Edit Snippet

5. To navigate to the web page from where you have extracted the text snippet, just click on the link icon at its top right.

6. If you wish to quickly locate any of the saved snippets, you can type a few keywords related to it in the search bar at the top of the MarkX extension window.

Search Snippet

Closing Comments:

MarkX is a great tool that helps you in your research work by easily saving highlighted text from any webpage along with automatically bookmarking the page for future reference. You can focus on what matters most to you instead of ending up saving a lot of things that may be worthless. The saved snippets can be accessed easily whenever required along with the website from where you extracted them.

Go ahead and get an Ultimate Web Research Companion for yourself and streamline your research. Click here to download and install MarkX Bookmarks and Highlights Manager from the Chrome Web store.

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