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University All-in-One Student Template is a free and rich Notion Template that enables university students to manage their courses, assignments, projects, notes, readings, attendance, and more in a single location.

The following is the brief list of features demonstrated by this template:

Main Page: This page give you quick access to all your courses, upcoming assignments, reminders and other important resources.

Course Properties: You can define and view detailed information about each course that includes its Notes, Syllabi, Assignments, Readings, Absences, Agenda, Slides and more.

Class Notes: These help you to be organized and focused. You can start every new class with a pre -developed page that features designated sections for the main notes, questions & discussion points, insights / reflections as well as additional resources that you can upload to support the course.

Agenda (Assignment Manager): You can neatly view your Agenda in Calendar or Table format and filter the events by Exams, Readings, Presentations, Homework and more by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Quick Add buttons: Using the well positioned buttons, you an easily and quickly add new Assignments or set quick Reminders so that your work can be managed effortlessly.

Auto-Archive: After the grades are added to the Courses, they are archives automatically and can be accessed by clicking the ‘Previous Courses’ button above the ‘Courses’ section.

Thesis Project Manager: This feature is accessible in the ‘Resources’ section and offers a comprehensive space that can be used to manage your thesis project from the start to the end.

Semester Calendar: You can embed your university semester calendar in PDF format using this feature that is available in the ‘Resources’ section.

How it Works:

1. Ensure that you have signed in to your Notion account and then click on this link to navigate to the University All-in-One Student Template in Notion. Next, hit the ‘Duplicate’ button at the top-right corner to create a copy for yourself. You duplicated template is now ready for use.

Duplicate Template

2. By default, the list of Current Courses will be displayed along with some samples that you can edit as per your requirements or create new courses. To view the Previous Courses, click on the corresponding button towards the right.

Current and Previous Courses

3. Click on any course chip to open it and you will be able specify the Name and Semester, upload the Syllabus and Presentation slides if required, choose the Readings etc. You can specify the Agenda entries for the course along with the Type, Due dates and more.

Course Page


4. To define the Notes, Key Takeaways of the course, Question & Discussion Points as well as Additional Resources, scroll down till you reach the ‘Notes’ section in the same page.


Notes sections

5. You can specify the Readings for the present course by choosing them from the available list. You can also click on the corresponding quick access buttons on the page to add a New Assignment, New Reading etc.

Specify Readings

6. Observe that the Reminders section is visible towards the left of the Notion page. To add a new reminder, you can click on the corresponding button and specify the date and other details.


7. The Course Agenda for the Course is clearly visible below the ‘Courses’ section. You can click on the corresponding buttons to view it in the Table or Calendar format. You can also click on the respective filter buttons to filter the Agenda by Exams, Readings, Homework and more.

Agenda Calendar Format

Agenda Table format

8. You can click on any event in the Agenda Calendar to open the corresponding object page such as the Exam, Reading, Homework etc.

9. The Resources section of the Notion template is displayed towards the left side. You can go ahead and click on any of the corresponding buttons in this section to capture your Research ideas, view the Repository of your Readings, upload your PDF semester calendar, or work on your Thesis projects from scratch.


Readings Repository

10. The Thesis Project includes several important Sections like Methods, Literature Review, Data Collection and Analysis, Results, Discussion and more. You can use the Resources feature in Thesis Project to specify the Literature Sources, Supervisor Meetings and more.

Theses Project

Closing Comments:

This is a fine Notion template to help university students to manage their courses, assignments, projects, notes, readings, attendance, etc. from a single location and keep everything highly organized and accessible. This saves you a lot of time were you to manage all these flows manually.

Several things in the template can be improved to make them better but I can surely say that this is a very good starting point for getting inspired and proceeding ahead.

Click here to access the University All-in-One Student Template.

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