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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a Chrome extension which lets you generate comments and replies for any social media post using AI technology. Let’s imagine that you want to add a comment on a post or answer a question on social media, but you are not able to formulate your words properly. At a time like this you wish someone was there to help you out to write a casual reply without sounding offensive. will come in handy in situations like these. is a AI based writing assistant which will generate a reply for you in seconds and save you a lot of time and effort.

Let’s see how this Chrome extension works:

First of all install this extension to your Chrome browser by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.

No need to restart the browser. Once installed its icon will show up in the top toolbar next to the address box.

Now all you have to do is select the post or question you need a reply for. As soon as you highlight the question, a small icon will pop up right next to the highlight. Click on this icon and a box will pop up like seen in the screenshot below.

In this box you will be asked to login using your Google account. After logging in you will be asked to select a template for replying to the question. Like shown in the below screenshot.

You can choose among a general template, a template for meeting acceptance, a template for meeting request, a thank you template, etc. I chose the general template for testing. You will also see a option called actions on top.

In this tab, you can perform these actions on the answer which is generated. Like you can choose to make it more friendly or more formal. You can also ask the tool to rewrite it. After all these, you will finally have a answer in front of you which you can post as a reply or a comment easily.

In this above screenshot you see the answer which is generated to the question that you highlighted. There are three versions which are shown to you. You can read all the three versions and choose the one sounding most appropriate. The two options at the bottom right are for copying the content and for rewriting the content.

Summary: is a great extension to have in your browser. This will be specially helpful at times when you want to comment or reply on a social media post without sounding offensive. You can just highlight the post or question and the will generate the answer all by itself. You can change the answer by the various actions given in the window and make it sound more like what you would want to say.

Check out Chrome extension here.

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