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see rss feed in live tile of windows 10 start menu
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This tutorial covers how to see RSS feed in live tile of Windows 10 Start menu. Once the live tile is added for a particular RSS feed, you will be able to remain updated about the latest activities for that particular website or channel. This can be done using a free Microsoft Store app, known as “RSS Live Tiles”.

free reddit apps for windows 10
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Here are 4 free Reddit apps for Windows 10. You can login to your Reddit account and then explore subreddits, search for a particular subreddit, save an image, read and post comments, etc. Some of these apps have unique features like you can login to multiple Reddit accounts, switch to dark and light themes, etc.

chrome browsing history integrated with timeline of windows 10
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This tutorial covers how to integrate browsing history with Windows 10 timeline. For this, you need to install a free extension “Windows Timeline Support” available for Google Chrome and Firefox. When this extension is installed and configured, your opened tabs are saved and visible in timeline of Windows 10.