How to Hide Specific Pages in Windows 10 Settings App

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This tutorial explains how to hide specific pages in Windows 10 Settings app. This software lets you selectively disables different sections in Windows 10 Settings. You just create a block list and then add the modules in that list to hide them from the man view. This s a great access control software, you can use to hide certain crucial settings from being modified by kids or strangers on your PC.

There may be situations in which you want to hide specific settings such as hotspot, networking, and devices for some reasons from Windows settings and this software will help you. Also, not only Windows 10 Settings but this software also lets you do the same thing with Windows Control Panel app. You can easily hide certain modules there by simply adding them to the blocklist.

How to Hide Specific Pages in Windows 10 Settings App

How to Hide Specific Pages in Windows 10 Settings App?

Win10 Settings Blocker software runs in portable mode, and you can start using it right away after downloading it from here. Next, you just open the software and create a block list.

After creating a list, you just add items that you want to hide from Windows 10 Settings. Select them from the dropdown and then keep adding to your list. When you are done, you simply save the changes, and it will hide that pages you have specified. You can see this software in action in the first screenshot I added in the beginning.

Add Settings Modules to the list

Blocklist created

From the software settings, you can opt to do the same thing for Windows Control Panel. And you can import and export the block lists in case you want to have a same configuration on multiple PCs.

Win10 Settings Blocker Import and Export

In this way, you can use this simple and really useful and powerful software to control Windows 10 Settings app and the Control Panel. The process is very simple and straightforward as you only have to create a block list and then selectively hide pages. One of the coolest things is that you can have the same block list across multiple computers. Also, you can carry this software in flash drive and run from it as well to do the same task.

Final words:

Having software for access control are good and this software here to set access control to Windows 10 Settings app is very nice. It is really useful tool to keep kids from modifying system settings. This is can be used in computers of an organization to prevent employees from applying their custom settings.

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