Free x264, x265 Encoder GUI for Window 10: Simple x264/x265 Launcher

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Simple x264/x265 Launcher is a free and open source x264, x265 Encoder GUI for Window 10. With this, you can encode a video to .264 or HEVC format in a few clicks, It saves you from running complicated commands to do the video encoding or conversion, and it supports batch mode. Not only that but it also supports “high bit-depth” encoder variants with inputs from Avisynth and VapurSynth frame servers.

It has some bets settings for video encoding already configured but if you want then you can also specify a custom encoder parameters. It has a very simple interface where you have to define the video conversion jobs and start them at will. You can use any source media or Avisynth file as an input and choose a desired format.

There are not so many x265 GUI are available for batch video converting and that’s what makes this software a nice pick. You just have to start it, add jobs, and start the conversion. This is as simple as that. And if you have some deep knowledge of video encoding then you can also play with the advanced parameters.

Free x264, x265 Encoder GUI for Window 10: Simple x264/x265 Launcher

Download the latest release of Simple x264/x265 Launcher from here After that, you just open it up and the blank UI will show up as you can see below.

Simple x264 x265 Launcher

Now, you create a job by clicking on the “Add New Job” button. Next, you just specify the input file and then configure other parameters. You can also specify an Avisynth or VapourSynth file to process the final video. Next, you move to the architecture, encoder, variant, and rate control.

Simple x264 x265 Launcher job settings

If you want to specify some custom encoding parameters then you can specify them at the end. This is as simple as that but for custom parameters, you need to have advanced knowledge, and you must be aware of what you are doing.

Simple x264 x265 Launcher custom parameters

Finally, start the conversion, and it might take time as it depends on the length of the input video and your CPU. For higher performance, you can use this software on a PC with good GPU installed, and it might finish all the jobs in less time. After it is done, you can simply find the files in the output directory, and you are free to do whatever you want with them.

Simple x264 x265 Launcher in action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful x264, x265 Encoder GUI on Window 10.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a powerful x264, x265 Encoder GUI for Windows then you are at the right place. The software I have mentioned here is very good at it and can do the video encoding based on modern standards. All the parameters and controls are self-explanatory, and you just need to give it a try.

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