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group policy support in firefox
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This tutorial explains how to add Group Policy support to Firefox. With Firefox 60, you can now adjust different crucial settings of Firefox by accessing Group Policy of Windows. You can disable access configuration page, developer tools, Firefox accounts, add-ons manager, etc.

online random list generators
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Here are 5 free online random list generator websites. Whether you want to randomize names, email addresses, numbers, grocery list, etc., these sites can be helpful. Just provide the input entries and generate a random list for those entries without any hassle.

copy html and save as markdown
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This tutorial covers how to copy HTML from webpage and save as Markdown file. That simply means you can copy webpage content, which includes text, images, hyperlinks, etc., and then save that content as Markdown format file with two simple steps. It can be done using a free “justmd” software.

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This tutorial covers how to disable showing tabs in Alt+Tab in Windows 10. By default, all the apps and websites opened as tabs using Sets feature are visible in Alt+Tab mode with separate thumbnail for each tab. If you don’t like it, then you can disable tabs in Alt+Tab using Settings of Windows 10.

block apps from opening in tabs in windows 10
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This tutorial explains how to block apps from opening in tabs in Windows 10. You can use Settings of Windows 10 and add those apps (like Calculator, File Explorer, Mail, etc.) to excluded apps list. Such apps will open as a separate window instead of tab in Windows 10.

sync onedrive with dropbox
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Here are 3 different ways to sync OneDrive with Dropbox. All the methods covered here support bi-directional sync as well as one directional sync. You can sync the entire account (both OneDrive and Dropbox), create a new folder, or use existing folder for the sync process.

show wikipedia summary for highlighted text in chrome
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This tutorial covers how to see Wikipedia summary for selected word on any webpage. When you select some word and if Wikipedia article exists for such word, then a pop-up is displayed which shows the Wikipedia article summary for that particular word. You can do this using a free Chrome extension, known as “Qikipedia”.

online SSN validators
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Here are 5 free online SSN validator websites. You can get a lot of important information about a SSN (Social Security Number) like issue date, State of issuance, estimated age of person, if SSN issued by Social Security Administration, etc.

free flux alternative software for windows
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Here are 3 free f.lux alternative software for Windows. These software help to automatically change screen color and brightness (or simply Gamma) based on the time period of the day. You can also set night time as well as day time color temperature as per your comfort.