Find Popular Reddit Books to Read Based on Post Upvotes, Comment Points

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Here is a free website to find popular Reddit books to read based on post upvotes, comments points, or number of references. This website is named “Top Trend Books“. It keeps track of Reddit posts and comments for some book and collects the trend points or upvotes for those posts and comments. After that, books which have higher points (including comments) are recommended by it. The total number of points (monthly and yearly) for each book is provided including book description, subreddit tags (from where the book is referenced), publish date of book, and book author. More than 4000 posts and 13000 comments for 15,000 books are collected by the website. So, you can get pretty good information about a book and then you can select any book of your choice to add it in your reading collection.

The website also lets you search for a book or you can find books by categories. Apart from that, it also provides the list of related Reddit articles for that book from which it has collected points. The number of points for each Reddit article are also visible individually. A direct Amazon link is also provided for each book so that you can purchase that book. However, you should also see Goodreads reviews on Amazon before buying a book.

Top Trend Books website to find popular reddit books

Note: Though the website is good to find popular Reddit books, data or trend points for a few books is not accurate. It is so because either the post is removed from Reddit or the data is not updated yet.

How to Find Popular Reddit Books to Read Based on Post Upvotes and Comment Points using This Free Website?

This website doesn’t need any sign up to use it. You can access the website homepage and then start exploring popular books.

The best part about this website is you can see the list of all books, by year, month, or week. You can further filter books by categories like Free, Tech, Comic, Audio, eBook, Horror, Fantasy, Writer, Study, etc. A search option is also there if you want to find books by custom keywords.

Top Trend Books- homepage

Search for books and then click on any book. Once the book page is opened, you can view valuable information which can include:

  • Book description.
  • Number of trend points (yearly and monthly).
  • Book author.
  • Subreddit tags.

book information

Just below the book description, it also provides the links for related Reddit articles. And for each article or post, you can also see number of upvotes.

In this way, you can explore books and also use Amazon link to buy that book from Amazon.

The Conclusion

This is a good option to find popular Reddit books to read based on post upvotes and comment points. The good thing is it provides many details related to each book so you will have plenty of information. Finally, when you have decided to buy that book, then you can jump to Amazon page of that book directly.

Try this website.

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