5 Online Pool Salt Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online pool salt calculator websites. If you have a pool at home or running some business, or going to build a new swimming pool for personal use or business, then you must know how much sodium chloride (NaCl) or salt is needed for proper salinity of the pool. You can calculate pool salt level based on the pool volume and other options.

There could be many reasons when you need to calculate recommended level for pool salt. If amount of salt is less or more in pool, then salt chlorine generator of your pool can alert you that it is not able to generate required amount of chlorine or you might have drained the pool and need to add salt again after filling the water. Salt PPM (parts per million) or salt level must be at the recommended level (usually 3200 ppm). Therefore, these sites are good to use.

Let’s see how these online pool salt calculators can help.


Hayward-pool.com website

Hayward-pool.com is one of the best options to calculate pool salt. Here is the link. Like Pentair Pool Salinity Calculator (mentioned below), it also shows how much lbs of salt is needed to raise salt level to recommended level (which is 3200 ppm). The output is based on the size of pool or volume and current salt reading. Both pool size and current salt reading can be set using the separate sliders.

It has some other interesting features also which make it better than many other pool salt calculator websites. These are:

  • Check ph level of pool water to find out if ph level is normal or acidic.
  • Find out total alkaline substances in pool water.
  • Find out if cyanuric acidity level normal.
  • Check total amount of minerals in pool water. Calcium hardness is calculated to get the result.

For each of these options, you can use the slider to set the current level, and based on that you will get the result.


Poolchemicalcalculator website

Poolchemicalcalculator.com is one of my favorite pool salt calculators. The website is handy to find out desired salt PPM based on current salt PPM and pool volume in gallons. The good thing is it also lets you calculate pool salt for pools over 20k gallons. Here, you need to take care that it doesn’t show you recommended pool salt. Instead, you need to provide desired salt PPM and current salt PPM and then it will suggest you number of bags of salt and total sodium chloride needed to get the salt PPM set by you. So, it works in a bit different manner than other pool salt calculator websites.

Another feature that I like is there are sliders available to set pool gallons, required salt PPM, and current salt PPM. When the inputs are ready, hit the CALCULATE button. After that, it will show number of bags of salt with recommend lbs of sodium chloride needed for the desired salt PPM.

Pentair Pool Salinity Calculator

Pentair Pool Salinity Calculator

Pentair Pool Salinity Calculator is a simpler website. Its link is here. There are two sliders only. You just need to drag those sliders to set the available or current salt level of pool and pool volume. As soon as you enter these two inputs using the sliders, salt demand is provided. Salt demand or recommended salt amount is generated in lbs and kilograms.

This is all we can do on this website for pool salt calculation. It doesn’t provide any other options. This is a straightforward option to quickly calculate recommended pool salt level.

Salt Calculator

Salt Calculator

Salt Calculator (Homepage) is also a nice option to find out salt required to raise pool to required level (3200 ppm) or 4000 ppm of salt. You can enter pool volume in US gallons, salt level, cost of salt per 100 lb (in US dollars), and then it will give you the output. The feature to add salt cost is also rare which is not available in other pool volume calculator websites.

Based on the input values, you will see the calculated result for salt level. If you have entered salt cost per 100 lb, then you can also get an estimated cost of salt required. The website has a very basic interface but the options are really good to use.

Direct Salt Addition Calculator

Direct Salt Addition Calculator

Direct Salt Addition Calculator is the last website on this list. This website is also good enough to find out estimated salt volume required and salt weight required. For estimated salt volume required, the output can be viewed in US gallons, cubic feet, cubic meters, cubic centimeters, cubic inches, etc. And for salt weight required, the output can be viewed in US pounds, grams, and kilograms.

You can enter water volume in US gallons, liters, cubic feet, cubic inches, etc., set current salinity level, target salinity (must be higher than current salinity), water temperature (in kelvin, Fahrenheit, or Celsius), water impurity in salt mix, and then calculate the estimated salt volume and salt weight required.

The Conclusion:

These are the 5 best online pool salt calculators you can try. Since the recommended or required salt level based on pool volume is generated by all sites pretty well, so all are useful. Still, based on different features, you can check which one would be most helpful to you. I find the first website better than others because it also lets you check ph level, total alkalinity, calcium hardness in pool water, etc.

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