List Of 6 Free Scary Games For Halloween

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Here is a list of 6 scary games to download free and play on your PC. It’s time to play scary games on Halloween day and make it a more frightful occasion.

Every gamer is fond of playing FPS games, Action , Adventure, and Racing games. The last thing that comes to our mind is scary games. But believe me there are wonderful horror games that are designed to inculcate spooky and terrifying feelings in you. It doesn’t matter whether you play these games during day or night; you will feel haunted.

The scary games list includes: Slender, Sanatorium, SCP Containment Breach, SCP-087-B, Heritage, and Euthanasia. These games are sufficient to keep you occupied with frightening and creepy feelings on the eve of Halloween. You can even suggest your friends to try these scary games on this special occasion.


Slender horror game

Slender is a free scary game for your PC and Mac. This game is based on the stories of Slenderman; an imaginary paranormal creature.

Your aim is to find the eight pages which are located somewhere in the dark woods. You just have a torchlight to find those notes in a forest, all by yourself. You can’t even notice the Slenderman in those dark woods. But once you are near him, your screen will go hazy and you hear static sounds. So, avoid being spotted by him and find all the notes.

Don’t look back, he is behind you. If you see him and still survive then try his costume for Halloween. Read More about Slender here. Download here.



Sanatorium is a sequel of Slender Game available for free download on PC and Mac. this game is also called Slenderman’s Shadow. If you have survived after wandering in those woods, then you can visit the Sanatorium and meet the inevitable Slenderman.

Sanatorium is another name for hospital; but don’t expect people to be around or some clean environment. This game also has the same motto: find the notes without getting caught by Slenderman and this game has a wonderful finishing; experience it all by yourself. You must be thinking, that I’m a fan of Slenderman or Slender game. Hell no! Do you think I enjoyed getting goose bumps every time I saw Slenderman? Find all those eight notes or else he will find you.

Click here to Read more about Sanatorium. Download here.

SCP Containment Breach:

scp containment breach

SCP Containment breach is a free horror game based on the stories of SCP Foundation. This scary game is available for Windows PC.

SCP Foundation’s intention is to protect the outside world from extra-dimensional and extra terrestrial beings that are contained inside it. But you are unfortunately employed in this foundation and a containment breach has occurred. You are not given any guns or rocket launchers to shoot the creatures. So, get out of the SCP Foundation alive before the creature finds you. The creature may look funny but still you will always try to avoid it unknowingly.You can even try this creature’s costume for Halloween and tell your friends about this game.

Click here to read more about  SCP Containment Breach. Download here.



SCP-087-B is a free scary game sequel of SCP Containment for Windows PC. SCP Foundation has a spooky basement. It’s time for you to explore it without getting a heart attack.

As mentioned in SCP Containment breach, SCP Foundation is a creepy place. Imagine how worse can it’s basement be. This game is a psychologically influencing game because there are no creatures in it. You just have to walk through those narrow walls and confusing hallways and sustain those unnerving sights. I don’t even know why I have played this sequel even after being frightened by SCP Containment game and why I’m writing about it because my sleeping schedule changed after playing this one.

Click here to Read about SCP-087-B. Download here.


heritage scary game

Heritage is a free horror game available for Windows. Heritage is a scary game where you have to solve a mystery about your grandmother’s sudden death.

You are given a beautiful two storied building after your grandmother’s death; but it has more floors and something else inhabiting the house. There are many puzzles to solve, clues to help you, and ghosts to frighten you. You will feel like you are locked in your own house and you have no choice but to solve the mystery. Use your logic and strong heart to complete this game.

Click here to Know about Heritage. Download here.


euthanasia scary game

Euthanasia is a free shooting horror game available for free download on your PC. Just survive a surreal dream and kill all the zombies to find out what happened.

You live the character of an ex-military guy, who was euthanized after a road accident. You have to live his dreams and find a way out. Unlike all the scary games that I’ve mentioned above, this game has weapons for you. Be sure to collect ammo and use them wisely. This is your chance to be a cowboy; kill those zombies with your guns. You can try the costumes of zombies on Halloween day.

Click here to Read more about Euthanasia. Download here.

Why Should You Play Scary Games On Halloween?

On Halloween Day people do all kinds of scary stuff like: Halloween decorations, Halloween food, Halloween drinks, etc. But as a gamer you can celebrate it by playing scary games on your PC and make your friends also play. Don’t forget to get your free coupons to Download Plant vs Zombies for Free valid only for this year.

Have a Happy and Scary Halloween.

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