Horror Game To Get Scared For Free: SCP-087-B

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SCP-087-B is a free horror game, developed based on the fictional stories of SCP Foundation. Looking for an easier way to get scared, then play this game for free.

SCP is abbreviated as Secure Contain Protect. There are many creepy stories revolving around SCP Foundation. The main idea about SCP foundation is that, it is a place where extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings are contained inside it. This place is specially designed to protect human beings from being threatened by these creepy creatures.

Now it’s your turn to explore the base of SCP foundation; where you are being locked. Imagine how creepy it can be to explore the dark base of that spooky foundation. How far can you go down the base?

scp 087b

Why Should You Play This Horror Game?

There are many reasons to play this horror game. First and foremost reason to play this game would be to taste the element of horror. The other reasons might be, if you are having lots of free time and you want to use that time to make your heart beat at a faster rate. Another interesting reason might be: if your job is to test or write reviews on games and you have no option other than playing this popular horror game (that describes me).

Mainly if you want to know how creepy can SCP Foundation be. You want further details on this foundation? Then click here to read this article on SCP Foundation. You want a detailed experience of SCP Foundation the you can play this game: SCP Containment Breach.

If you feel that getting scared is fun and want to change your opinion, then play this game. You want to take revenge on someone, then best option is to gift them this free game rather than making them watch horror movies.

P.S.: I couldn’t get any screenshots of creepy creatures in this game because I always jumped off my seat to those unnerving sights.

SCP-087-B way

About This Spooky Game:

Want to hear more creepy facts about this game? As soon as you click open the game, there’s no introduction or main menu. You just feel like you woke up in a strange place and when you look back the door is locked. Walk those creepy stairways and don’t look around for collecting guns or weapons to kill the creepy creatures. If you are looking for stuff like that, you are in the wrong place. The only controls of this game are [WASD] to walk and Mouse to move around. If you are looking for an option to quit, then press escape. Let me remind you something, you don’t even have a torch light to ON/OFF like in the earlier reviwed horror game: Slender.

You have no other option rather than moving ahead into the dark narrow way ahead as shown in below screenshot. You come across many turns and different ways. Some of them are so misleading that you may end up back at the starting point or you may fall into a dark pit and die.

SCP-087-B hallway

You hear all sorts of creepy noises, there is something in there. You just need to walk along those staircases and hallways to explore the thrill. This game graphics are not so good but the sound effects will compensate you for that. The noises and creepy sounds are really scary all the way. The game download size is just 3 MB.

Click here to Download SCP-087-B.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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