Free Horror Game For PC: Slender. It’s Scary

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Slender is a horror game available for free download on your PC and Mac. Slender is a first person horror game with a mix of quest genre.

Slender game is created by Parsec Productions. You are on a mission, wandering in the dark woods. Try hard not to get caught by the Slender man.

Slender man is going to haunt both the Windows and Mac users. If you like scary games, then you can also read SCP-087-B and SCP Containment Game.

slender trees

Let’s Know About This Dark Horror Game:

Slender Game is so going to freak you out; get ready for a change in your sleeping schedule.

Slender game is based on the fiction character Slender man; a paranormal creature. In this game the Slender man character is designed so well to freak you out. Before going through any walkthroughs or Youtube videos, you might want to enjoy the first sight thrill of this Slender man (i.e., the reason why I am not putting any screenshot or description of slender man here).

You are given a torch light to wander in the woods, late in night. Your mission is to collect eight notes about the slender man. These notes may be located anywhere in the woods. While moving through the woods you find fences, houses, oil tanks, abandoned places, etc. Mostly the slender man appears after you start getting notes (the note and screen blurring is shown in below screenshot).

If you see a human like creature or if the screen starts blurring, then better start moving away from that region as fast as you can. Once spotted by the slender man, be ready to avoid the inevitable.

slender note

Controls To Escape From Slender Man:

Wish there are many controls and weapons to shoot this scary guy. But there are only a few controls in this horror game:

  • [W A S D] keys to move front, left, back, right respectively.
  • Use your mouse to control your character; as it is a 3D Game.
  • Right click for collecting notes and Left click for torch light On/ Off.
  • Shift: You definitely need this to start running.
  • Q/E to zoom in and zoom out.

slender room

Guess I wont be sleeping tonight either to play this game or because of fear or both. Now it’s your turn to get those eight notes without being spotted by the slender man.

The graphics are good and the sound effects make you feel more haunted. Play this horror game and let me know how creepy this game is. Here is the link to Download Slender.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac
Free/Paid: free

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