Free Horror Game To Scare You: Heritage

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Heritage is a Free Horror Game available for PC Download. Play and know how it feels to inherit a house of ghosts and scientific theories.

This horror game is full of thrills, mysteries, and puzzles. Better step into the boots and find out what’s in there.

Heritage game

Can You Reveal The Mystery of This Horror Game:

Heritage, as the name suggests, you inherit your grandmother’s house after her sudden death. This game is quite different from other horror games reviewed earlier like: Slender, SCP-087-B and SCP Containment Breach.

You are all alone in the house; but there’s someone else also inhabiting the house. Even your grandmother’s death is a mystery. You are here to solve the case about what happened to her and what’s there in the house. Your grandmother was kind of a scientist and very intelligent person. She left behind very tricky puzzles for you to solve and to find out what research she had been doing. In fact she’s still behind you helping; but in a scary way. Will you be able to reveal the dark secrets of this house?

For the first two to three hours, I was just goofing around the house. I collected all kinds of stuff and clicking everywhere to find clues. When you start finding the clues, then the real fun starts. This game will make you jump from your chair even in the daylight. Don’t play this game if you have a weak heart or in the dark or alone. You can switch on the lights, open doors, and windows in the game. If you feel like escaping from the house in the game, don’t try that because the main door won’t open (I tried that many times).

Tips: Go around the house picking up important stuff like torch, keys, notes, etc. You can pick up dustbin also; but that occupies the space of your inventory; because you can collect only up to 14 items. Drop some of the items to pick others. Read the notes you’ve collected to solve the puzzles. Use the things you’ve collected to unlock some hidden places in the house.

Heritage puzzle


There are very less controls for this horror game; but a lot to discover. The controls are:

  • Mouse to look around.
  • Left click to pick up or use things.
  • [WASD] to move around.
  • [C] to crouch.
  • [N] to view notes.
  • Tab for inventory.
  • Right click on inventory items to use or use them with or drop them.
  • [E] to proceed or view.
  • Esc to pause or save or load.
  • Space to jump.

Heritage note

The graphics are good but there are bugs like: you can see through the walls, some things won’t fall in the right place, etc. It is a new game released in April, 2012; so we can expect bugs in it. The English is also not that good because it is a translated game. But on an average the game is very good and worth trying. Believe me, the sound effects are really scary; try this horror game with high volume.

Want to feel your adrenaline flow through your body, then click here to Download Heritage.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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