10 Websites To Get Halloween Drinks Ideas

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Here, are 10 websites to get Halloween Drink Ideas. Now you can enjoy Halloween with spooky drinks all around. Serve your guest a scary drink on this Halloween season.

The drinks can be prepared with the basic components which you might have with you at your home. You don’t need to buy expensive Halloween themed drinks from market. Just prepare them with your family members and kids.

Below we will discuss about the websites which tell you type of Halloween drinks and the ways to prepare them at your home. Check them out to fill your Halloween season with spooky drinks.

Martha Stewart: Halloween Drink Recipes

Martha Stewart Halloween Recipes

Martha Stewart has compiled a nice collection of Halloween drink recipes on her website. Yesterday we explored Halloween decorations ideas on her website, and today we found that she has a neat collection of Halloween drinks too. The website features a nice looking image for each drink, and there are detailed instructions and ingredients to prepare those Halloween drinks yourself.

Drink Of The Week:

Drink of the week

Drink of the Week is a popular website that has lot of drink ideas. This website has a complete section dedicate to Halloween drinks of different types. The website includes True Blood, wine for the day of dead, berry scary sour, the headless horseman, black cat, the procession, monster martini, skelleton, bloodsucker, midnight martini, blood-shot, thistle cocktail, midnight rider, and more drinks. With each drink, it gives photo of the drink as well as detailed recipes. To learn the instructions, just click on the image, gather the ingredients mentioned on the website, and then start following the instructions to prepare your spooky Halloween drinks.

Bar None Drinks:

Bar None Drinks

The website has a separate category for Halloween drinks. It provides multiple types of Halloween drinks all in one webpage. You just have to scroll down and check the type of drinks. It includes Halloween drinks like SKYY Wicked Witch Apple Punch, SKYY Red Zombie, SKYY Black Widow, SKYY Jack-O-Lantern, Sandeman Sangue Frio, Green Globin, Sweet Tart, Bloody-tini, Sour Witch, Candy Corn, Smoking Bamboo, and more.  The website provides the list of ingredients and instructions with the image for all the drinks on the webpage.

The Webtender:

The Webtender

The Webtender is a nice website with dark background. Halloween drinks in the website are divided into two parts which include Halloween drinks for kids i.e., non alcoholic Halloween drinks, and for grown ups which include alcoholic and spooky drinks. I really liked the website, as now you can easily prepare Halloween drinks and enjoy them with your kids too. Halloween drinks for kids include Eerie Witch’s Brew and Warm Witch’s Brew. For grown ups there are multiple types of Halloween drinks which you can easily prepare. Like other Halloween drink websites, Webtender also provides you list of ingredients and mixing instructions. The only bad part about this website is that, it does not shows the images of the drinks. You yourself have to prepare and judge that you have prepared the right drink or not.



The website provides the list of awesome Halloween drinks. Type of Halloween drinks in the website are very limited. But, all the Halloween drinks in the website are good and easy to prepare. You will find ingredients and instructions for all the drinks on the website. On top of it, the online service also shows the images of the Halloween drinks. Images of Halloween drinks makes your decision more simple as it lets you decide what to prepare in an easy way. In some articles on the website, you will even find the glass type to use which makes your drink look more in a Halloween style.

Food Network.com:

Food Network

Food Network.com is another website that allows you to browse the different type of Halloween drinks in a simple way. The type of Halloween drinks in the website include blood-colored drinks, the best of bloody mary, drinks with exotic ingredients, and non-alcoholic punches. Non alcoholic punches can be taken by your kids too. The website provides the ingredients which you can use to prepare the drink, it’s directions, and syrup. The bad part of the website is that, it does not provides the images of the Halloween drinks given in the list.



tasteofhome online web service provides limited list of Halloween drinks. It is easy to learn Halloween drink recipes with this website. You will find a short description of each Halloween drinks, Its ingredients, and directions to prepare Halloween drinks at your home. The website provides very limited types of Halloween drinks, but they are all good. On top of it, the website also provides the information about the total time to prepare the drink. Based on the ingredients, the website also tells you the number of servings. It looks great to see a Halloween drink with its image on the website.

What To Drink:

What To Drink

What To Drink is a good website with easy interface that is totally concentrated in Halloween Drink recipes and punch drinks. What To Drink gives a small list of cocktail drink recipes, punch drinks, and shots & slammers. Just pick one of the Halloween drinks and the website will show you ingredients you need, steps to prepare the drink, type of drink, and recommended glass. You will feel good by looking at the Halloween drink image on the webpage. What To Drink is one the easiest website which I found to check for Halloween drinks.



Another website that provides limited articles on Halloween drinks. When I read about Halloween drinks, it was good to read about recipes which include Ingredients and directions. Also, the website provides a small description about the Halloween drinks. You can even check the photos of the Halloween drink and reviews of the drink. At time of compiling this list, I found 9 articles on Halloween drinks. 9 was very less in numbers, but all the Halloween drinks are good.


Real Simple

Like other websites, REAL SIMPLE also provides articles on Halloween drinks with the information on ingredients and direction. You can select the Halloween recipes with next or previous button. The website provides Halloween drink description at the left side of every image. According to the website, it gives a note that recipes in the gallery are not tested. Real Simple is a nice website to get the ideas to prepare Halloween drinks at your home.

You can check out websites to get Halloween decoration ideas. Also, check out Halloween games reviewed by us.

All these websites can give you some really interesting ideas for Halloween drinks. If you know some other similar website, do let us know in comments.

Image Courtesy: Squidoo.

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