Free PC Cleaner To Remove Junk Files, Shred Files, Manage Startup

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Privacy Eraser is a free PC cleaner software that is used to scan PC, including web browsers, and helps to remove junk files. It can also be used to delete temporary files, Windows search history, memory dump files, browsers cache files, history, cookies, auto complete form history, Windows log files, invalid desktop shortcuts, and more. Thus, it’s a good system cleaner which helps to remove unwanted information.

Apart from this, Privacy Eraser is also helpful to shred files and folders to wipe any drive (including free space). The only limitation in this free edition is that normal file deletion method is available to clean PC and simple zero-file (1 Pass) method is available to shred files.

Privacy Cleaner- interface

Note: Pro Edition is also available that provides different popular deletion methods. Such as: US DoD 5220.20 M ECE (7 Passes) Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), and US DoD 5220.20 M (3 Passes). 24/7 technical support is also available in Pro Edition. You can upgrade if these two features needed by you. Otherwise, free edition is also really useful.

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How To Use This Free PC Cleaner?

You can download this free PC cleaner using the link I have placed at the end of this review. Its installation is simple and some additional tasks, like Open Privacy Eraser interface and Secure Erase recycle bin items with Privacy Eraser using context menu can also be added.

enable Privacy Cleaner for recycle bin

Interface of this software is eye-catching and provides different sections on left pane, which helps to easily operate this software. Lets have a look at the important sections:

Home Section:

It is the most important section available in its interface where all scanning and cleaning process is done. By default, it can scan and clean Windows and web browsers’ main entries. For example, Windows system clipboard, memory dumps, temporary files, web browsers’ cache files, history, cookies, sessions, and provides you options to clean them in a single click. For better cleaning results, it provides clean & Restart option as well. If you want, you can even add other entries using Windows and Browsers sections.

scan Windows and browsers files to clean

Windows and Browsers Sections:

These are two different sections using which more entries for scanning and cleaning can be added. Such as: Windows DNS cache, font cache, invalid start menu shortcuts/desktop shortcuts, Windows event logs, tray notifications cache, Windows credentials, browsers auto fill form history, saved passwords, site preferences (helps to set ‘allow pop up’ preferences, permissions etc.), etc. You simply need to select entries and then you can perform scanning that will include added entries as well.

Windows and browsers section

Applications Section:

Privacy Eraser support pre-configured plugins for applications installed on your PC. Applications such as: Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, Winrar, VLC Media Player, etc. are supported. Plugins help you to perform cleaning more deeply (including history traces) and more than 200 Plugins are available for free for applications. If you want, you can even create and add your own plugin for any app.

File Shredder Section:

This section helps to add and remove those files and folders, which you want to remove securely. It will erase contents of added files securely, but only Simple zero-fill (1 Pass) deletion method is supported with free edition. If you need to use more secure deletion methods, then you can try Catalano Secure Delete, Soft4Boost Secure Eraser, and Moo0 File Shredder.

file shredder section

Drive Wiper Section:

If you have to completely clean free space of a hard drive or removable drive, delete present files as well as Index location of files from drive, then this option will be helpful for you. Multiple drives can also be wiped using this section.

Tools Section:

This is one of the important section of this free PC cleaner that helps to manage startup entries. In this section, list of all applications will be visible to you, that starts when Windows starts. From that list, you can select multiple items to disable them or to remove them from startup list. By disabling unwanted items, boot time of Windows will improve a bit.

startup manager


Privacy Eraser provides many important system, file security tools, and therefore it is worthy to try. Interface is attractive and user-friendly. Try it to securely clean PC, improve PC speed, and remove files that are no longer required by you.

Get Privacy Eraser Free.

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