Delete Files Permanently using Multiple Deletion Methods: Secure Eraser

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Soft4Boost Secure Eraser is an application which allows you to remove and delete data from the system hard disk completely. If you want to erase some sensitive data completely from your system so that it cannot be recovered by any means, Soft4Boost Secure Eraser is the answer. It deletes data by overwriting it multiple times with carefully executed patterns which renders it completely irrevocable. Once deleted, any documents, applications or files are impossible to recover.

Let’s check out this software in detail.


To install Soft4Boost Secure Eraser go to this link and download the setup file. Open the file and install it to your desired location and the main window will start as:


Let’s look at the Menus & Working:

Let’s go through each menu and their working separately:

Add: It has 2 options: Add file or Add folder. Click for desired action.

View: It gives you flexible option to choose from many different skins for the look and feel. Choose from 11 skins available which suits you.

Add File/ Add Folder: Choose amongst two of them directly from the main window and browse through files or folders to be deleted.

Remove: After selecting file and/or folders to be deleted, you might want to remove accidentally selected files or folders. Just selected them from the context menu and click Remove to remove from the list.

Deletion Methods


Just below Add File/Folder buttons, you can select from multiple deletion methods. Currently there are 10 different methods to choose from. Methods ranges from 1 pass to extremely complex 35 passes for deletion method. You can choose anyone according to the sensitivity and importance of the file/folder to be deleted. As mentioned, files/folders are deleted by overwriting them multiple times. The number of times is basically the number of passes.

Start Erasing

When you’ve selected the desired data, application, files, folders, etc. and also chosen the method to be used during deletion from the drop down menu, just click this button to start deleting the selected data.

Key Features of Soft4Boost:

  • Soft4Boost Secure Erase has strong compatibility with various applications in windows such as office, graphics, antivirus and various other software in the system.
  • Multiple deletion methods is the unique feature of Soft4Boost Secure Erase. Choose accordingly!
  • Very simple and easy to use interface is also a plus point for this application. It is quite fast too.
  • Language support: Currently Soft4Boost Secure Erase supports 9 languages (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Danish and Turkish) and it also gives users an option to translate their software to their own language (and get Soft4Boost Unlimited access subscription for free!)


In short, Soft4Boost Secure Erase is a very simple and easy way to manage your sensitive files and data whenever you want to delete them from your hard disk forever and guarantee their no return journey to your system. With a simple and user-friendly interface, multiple deletion methods and support for multiple languages it is a must have software for deletion requirements for Windows.

You can get the Soft4Boost software through this link and start deleting those ‘extra sensitive’ files now!

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