5 Free Slender Games

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Here is a list of 5 Free Slender games to download and play. Play these horror games; which are most popular versions of Slender.

Slender games are all based on the fictional ghost character Slenderman. Slenderman is a tall looking ghost in human form wearing a black suit but has long limbs and no face at all. Parsec productions created a game on Slender and that horror game got a huge response. Still Slender is one of the best horror games available. Later many versions were developed based on Slender and let’s discuss about a few popular and interesting versions among them. The last one is a special, different, and interesting one.

Slender (Eight Pages):

free Slender

Slender is a free horror game available for download on your Windows and Mac. This free Slender game is the original first version of all Slender games.

In this Slender game you are left all alone in a dark forest. The only company you have is Slenderman; who is there to kill you. The only goal you have in this game is to collect eight pages that are related to Slenderman. But Slenderman is always behind you to avoid you from getting those notes. So, just get those notes without getting caught and see what happens next. This was my first horror game and you can clearly know how horrifying the game is, in my review Slender.

Click here to Download Slender.


slendermans shadow

Sanatorium is a free Slender game with a different map. Experience how it feels to be in a sanatorium which is very creepy and inhabited by Slenderman. Download and play Sanatorium free on your Windows PC.

Sanatorium is a creepy hospital map; where you have to collect all the eight notes regarding Slenderman. Slenderman will come from nowhere to stop you from getting those pages. Don’t look back because he might be behind you. That is why this game is also called Slenderman’s shadow. Check out the twist in the last moment if you collect all the eight notes. Even this version can scare you like the original one. The graphics and sound effects are also very spooky.

Click here to read about Sanatorium and Click here to Download Sanatorium.



Elementary is another version of free Slender game. Elementary is a school location of Slenderman game. Download this Slender game on your Windows for free.

Elementary is a school location where you are haunted by Slenderman. Escape from him and find eight teddy bears hanging in random locations. You can go outdoors, office rooms, classrooms, etc. but you won’t find anyone around except Slenderman. Of course you will find dead bodies, body parts, blood etc. In this game your torch light also won’t work after sometime; you have to roam around the school in the dark. You just can’t escape until you get those eight teddy bears.

Click here to read more about Elementary and Click here to Download Elementary.

Slenderman For Android:


This Slenderman game is for Android devices. This Slender game is available for free download on Google Market.

Game developers didn’t get enough from PC slender game, so they developed this Android game for getting scared even on the move. Just carry this haunting guy on your Android device and play it whenever you want. There is a 2D and 3D version also in this Android game. The 3D version is good to play in my opinion. Even the controls are pretty simple; which are all described clearly in my review on Slenderman for Android. Click here to Download Slenderman on Android.

Slenderman Game:

Slenderman game

Slenderman game is a different version of Slender game. Your mission is to kill Slenderman in his own house.

Finally you get a chance to kill Slenderman and his kids. You have to break into Slenderman’s house on a birthday celebration day and find the gun hidden in his house. Slenderman kids are also in the house to kill you; kill those kids too. If you have played any of the above versions of Slender, you will definitely find it very relieving killing the Slenderman; though it’s scary. Solve some little puzzles in the house and get the gun to kill Slenderman.

Click here to read more about Time for Revenge on Slenderman and Click here to Download Slenderman.

These free Slender games will make you feel haunted day and night. Though Slenderman is a fictional character, these games make you feel that he exists. If you have any problems sleeping at night, just start playing these Slender games and soon you will love your bed like me. Enjoyed playing these Slender versions; then read this special article on Free Scary games.

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