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delete files by date different methods
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This tutorial shows how to delete files by date. By the word “date” means you can delete files by creation, modification date, or last accessed date. For that, I have covered three methods in this tutorial. You can also schedule job to delete files by date, move files to a particular folder, securely delete files, etc.

see cryptocurrency price in system tray
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This tutorial covers how to see cryptocurrency price in Windows system tray. You can see the updated price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using “Crycker” software. It fetches data from CoinBase, Bitstamp, or Blockhain platforms and shows price for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, and Ripple XRP.

free cgm viewer software
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Here are 2 free CGM viewer software for Windows. CGM format stands for Computer Graphics Metafile and it is used for raster graphics, 2D vector graphics, etc., and these software help you view CGM file content. You can also use other features like rotate CGM file, preview CGM in its thumbnail, etc.

free alt+tab replacer software
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Here is a Alt+Tab replacer software which lets you preview applications in large size. It replaces Windows native Alt+Tab feature with its own Alt+Tab view mode where you can see a particular application in large size. You can also switch to compact view mode and set custom hotkey to use this software.

open source tweetdeck clients for windows
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Here are 2 free open source TweetDeck client for Windows. TweetDeck official desktop client was discontinued by Twitter but these open source TweetDeck clients help you access this awesome service right from the desktop. No need to use some browser to access TweetDeck and its features.

free xps to jpg converter software
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Here are 2 free XPS to JPG converter software for Windows. You can add multipage XPS file or single page XPS file and then get the output as JPG images. While one software can convert a single XPS to JPG at once, the other software can batch convert XPS to JPG images.

generate heading structure of a webpage in firefox
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This tutorial shows how to generate heading structure of any webpage in Firefox. The list of all the headings, like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, etc., is generated and visible on the left sidebar. For each heading, you can also see the text associated with it. For this, I have used a free Firefox add-on, known as “HeadingsMap”.

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