4 Free Christmas Lights Finder Apps for Android & iPhone

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This post lists some best free Android and iOS apps to find decorated houses and properties near you. With these Christmas lights finders, you can find a place to celebrate Christmas in a few taps. And not just that but if you have decorated your house this year for the holidays then you can show it off to the world by submitting pictures to any of these apps. Apart from decorated houses and light shows, they also list some community events for the holidays that you can be a part of.

On most of these apps, you don’t have to create an account in order to explore holiday lights. Just install them, allow the permissions that they ask for and then simply start exploring the decorated places around for you. All those places have their exact addresses listed there as well as location on the map. Also, on most of these apps, the places that you see are verified and actually exist. So, if you want to visit them to click pictures or anything then you are free to do that.

4 Free Christmas Lights Finder Apps for Android & iPhone

Christmas Prism

Christmas Prism App to Find Holiday Lights

Christmas Prism is one of the best free Christmas lights finder apps that you can use. It is available for iPhone as well as Android and it offers a very nice UI where you can find holiday lights. It features a neighborhood map and also has a list view. After detecting your location, it will list the holiday events from around you. You can see photos of decorated houses or areas near your location and leave comments on them. Not only this but if you want your house listed on the map then you can do that too.

You can get this app for iPhone from here and for Android here. There is no sign up or registration and after installing it, you only have to let it access your phone’s location. After detecting your location, it will open the neighborhood map. All the Christmas lights near you are marked on the map and you just tap on anyone of them to see more details.

Apart from the map view, you can switch to the list view. In the list, it will show all the events. In the list, you can also discover decorated houses which are submitted by others with pictures. You can like them by tapping the heart icon and you can also leave comments on those pictures. The address with location on the map is there for each house or place. If you like some house and want to click picture in front of it then you can just visit.

Christmas Lights Finder

Christmas Light Finder App

Christmas Lights Finder is a really simple and useful app that you can use to find holiday lights. It has updated list of houses near you that you can find and visit. The list of houses that it has come with exact location and include a photo as well. The destinations for Christmas lights are verified here and you can find light shows or holiday lights here with ease via ZIP or entering name of a location.

This app can be installed on Android as well as iPhone. There is no sign up or anything like that required in order to use it. You just start using it right after you install it. Enter some location name or ZIP code. Next, you can choose the radius and then press the search button.

It will show you list of all the decorated houses around the specified location. A photo and complete address are shown there and you can tap on any of those to see more details about them.

Christmas Lights Live

Christmas Lights Live

Christmas Lights Live is a simple Android app to find Christmas lights around you. it supports USA and UK primarily, but as a user, you can submit Christmas lights details for any location. There is a world map on the main interface which you can use to find nearby decorated places with lights. It shows you a picture and description about the place, and get the complete directions on the map. There is no sign up or anything required in order to use the app. You just give it location permissions and then it is all ready to use.

Use the mentioned link above to install the app from Google Play Store. After that, just open it up and it will automatically ask you to let it access the phone’s location. Just allow it and it will display a world map. Now, you just need to find the houses near your location. So, just jump to your location and then after that you simply need to tap on some house to see more details about it. This is as simple as that.

This app is very well polished and I liked the overall experience. But one disappointing thing about this app is that there is no verification for the submitted pictures. As a results, some people have uploaded random pictures which kind of makes it hard to find a decorated house for the holidays. So, I hope the developer changes this app behavior in the coming updates.


Nextdoor Cheer Map

If you are in USA then you can now find Christmas lights near you on Nextdoor app. It offers you a dedicated Cheer Map that you can use to find decorated houses near your location. Here it gives you an interactive map that you can browse. The Christmas lights shows are listed there with photos and you just select the one you like and then visit it with your friends and family. This is as simple that.

Nextdoor is available in limited countries for now. But if you are in USA or Canada then you can sign up for it by verifying your location via mobile number. After you log in to the app then just tap on More icon from bottom right and then open Cheer Map from there. The interactive map will show you all the decorated places for the holidays. You can just select anyone from them and then simply copy down the location.

Nextdoor can be installed on Android as well as iPhone. Or, you can even use it online if you want to. It can be a great addition to the websites we have already covered to find Christmas lights here.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for some free apps to find Christmas lights around you then you are at the right place. The amazing apps I have added here work on both; Android and iOS. So, just install the one available for your phone and then find some really beautiful places nearby you that you can visit during this holiday season. Personally, I will recommend you to use Nextdoor and Christmas Prism.

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