Free Games That Look Like Office Docs To Play Secretly in Office

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CantYouSeeImBusy is a free online gaming website that offers games that are designed to look similar to office suite software, like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc. So, even if you are playing these games in office, you’d appear as if you are busy with some important office work. How about that!

If you are tired of working and wish to relax, but your boss still wants you to prepare some document file, presentation, or spreadsheet, then these games offer you a good way out. It simply makes you appear busy (or maybe, busier than ever).

However, CantYouSeeImBusy might not interest those who are looking for some cool and funky games. It provides you four games. These games are simply an “Officified” version of some classic games, such as Blocks, Breakout, etc.

CantyouseeImbusy home

What’s more; you can even provide your company’s name and that will appear on the title bar of the game’s interface. So, you should enter the name of the file that you are expected to work on.

CantYouSeeImBusy doesn’t need any signup or registration (and I love such services). So, just go to the homepage of website by following the link available at the end of this review. Select the game and start playing.

[Editor’s Note: I still prefer to play Tetris in Excel ;)]

This website offers four games:

Crash Planning:

You’d have never find working with Excel or other spreadsheets interesting, as much as you gonna find this one.

Do you remember the classic game “Blocks”, where you had to swap the colored blocks to form a series of three or more to destroy them? Most of us have would have played this game in our childhood. Crash planning is very similar. Here, you have to swap the spreadsheet cells instead of blocks. Destroy as many cells as you can, before the time runs out.

CantYouSeeImBusy Crash Planning

Cells are marked as “deadline”, “lunch”, “break”, and “meeting”. So, it’d appear as if you are planning some schedule, but the reality is much like the name of this game, you are actually Crash Planning.


This is “Breakout” game that will help office colleagues, who are tired of typing words on document files? It’s the time to demolish the words.

cantyouseeimbusy breakdown

Breakdown gives the control of the bar, present at the bottom of page and a text written on the page. A ball travels across the screen and you gotta save it from touching the bottom with the bar. When the ball hits the word, they will be destroyed (or disappear); just like you used to destroy the layers of brick, while playing Breakout.

The bar appears like horizontal scroll bar. On first look, even you might doubt if it is actually a game.


Leadership is for the ones who are struggling with the graphs on presentation tools.

Use the arrow keys to steer your spaceship to the finish point. You need to control the ship between the two progress lines on the graph. Keep an eye on the fuel bar as well.

cantyouseeimbusy leadership

Game is very simple. Size of spaceship is quite small and not easy to notice. Next level previews are available on the left side bar, resembling the slides of PowerPoint. Level will rise when you finish one level.

Cost Cutter

Cost Cutter is a game that represents the bars with different colored sections on them. Now, you need to click on the pattern with at least 2 sections of same color together. Minimize the height of the bars as much you can and earn points. Perform well and you move to next level.

cantyouseeimbusy Cost Cutter

Final Note:

Dear Boss,

I am certainly not advertising that office staff should act lazy and run from their work. And I assure you I never play these type of games myself.

All Others,

Ignore whatever I said above. These games are my best friends to get out of busy boring office work. Whenever you need breaks and relaxation, you can try CantYouSeeImBusy. All the games give an interface that’s hard to be recognized as a game by the passersby.

[While spreading the link of this online gaming service among your colleagues, make sure it doesn’t reach your boss.]

Go to CantyouSeeImBusy.

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