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DX-Ball is a famous and classic breakout game available for PC Download. DX-Ball is mainly about breaking bricks. This game was designed in the 90’s, and was a hit for a long time. I still remember playing this game in my childhood and really enjoyed it playing for this review as well.

This game is very simple to download and play. If you want to play a complicated 3D brick game, then read Against the Wall Review.

dx ball

About DX-Ball for PC:

DX-Ball is a legendary breakout game from the 90’s. It doesn’t have any special controls also; just a mouse is sufficient.

This breakout game is based on the famous “Megaball” for the Amiga, developed by Ed and Al Mackey. You can even check for cheat codes by going through Cheatbook Database.

Every Windows Operating System starting from Windows 95, can support this game. I’m actually writing about this game because I hate it’s simplicity. When I go home, my mom and dad keeps playing this game and I don’t get any chance for playing other PC Games. They both compete for high scores and this is a never ending competition.

In this breakout game, you have to just move the mouse so that the ball doesn’t fall off. The ball keeps bouncing on the paddle and breaks the bricks. While breaking the bricks, you get upgrades. Some of the upgrades are good and some are bad.

dx ball mode


The upgrades are shown in the above screenshot. The functions of these upgrades are:

  • Expand Paddle: The paddle size expands so that it’s easy to bounce the ball back.
  • Thru Brick: This upgrade makes the ball go through the bricks and breaks them on it’s way.
  • Set-Off Exploding: This is like a bomb. It explodes all the glowing bricks.
  • Fireball: This upgrade sets your ball on fire.
  • Shooting Paddle: This gives a special power to your paddle. It gives you two guns at both ends of paddle; which can be shot at the bricks to break them.
  • Grab Paddle: Grab paddle is like a gum on your paddle. It doesn’t allow the ball to bounce. It catches it and then you have to click to bounce it back.
  • Shrink Paddle: This is a bad power. It just reduces your paddle size. So, stay away from it.
  • Extra life: Normally you get three life’s in the beginning. The number of life’s can be increased by this. But all the power’s will be gone and you have to start fresh.
  • Level Warp: This power makes you jump right into the next level.
  • Zap Bricks: There are some bricks which can’t be broken and comes in between while trying to break other ones. This power makes those tough bricks to normal ones.
  • Slow Ball: After you catch some powers, the ball tends to move faster. If you are lucky enough you will get this power to slow down the ball.
  • Multiply Exploding: This turns the bricks surrounding the glowing bricks to glowing bricks. So that when the ball strikes at least one of them, all the bricks explode in chain sequence.
  • Split Ball: This is one more amazing power. The ball splits up into three and the breaking rate is faster now.
  • Kill Paddle: This power ends your paddle life. Never try to catch this one.
  • Shrink Ball: This doesn’t make much difference. It just reduces the size of the ball.
  • Fast Ball: This makes the ball to cruise faster. So, better don’t take this upgrade.
  • Super Shrink: This reduces your paddle size. It will be tough to make the ball bounce on the paddle with such small area.
  • Falling Bricks: This also doesn’t make much difference. After taking this, every time when the ball hits your paddle the bricks start coming down step by step. But up to a certain level only.

The fun part is whatever upgrade you take, your score increases by hundred points. But make sure you don’t catch the Kill Paddle because you will loose a chance.

dx ball play

Yes, everyone knows about this game. But a classic is always a classic and it’s worth reliving those memories.

I’m still feeling nostalgic while writing about this game. Are you? Then Download DX-Ball here and start playing friends.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 3.4]
Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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