Against The Wall: Free Logic Game

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Against The Wall is a Free Logic Game available for FREE. This game is developed for Windows, Linux, and Mac users for FREE and Web Version is also available.

The name itself sounds different. It’s not a famous game but I tried it out and found it worth sharing. Let me know your views on this free logic game through your comments.

This logic Game is about how you reach your home which is located miles above you. The game is very puzzling and addictive. I spent many hours playing this game as if I’m lost and trying to find my home. Also check out other logic games pack we reviewed earlier, and puzzle games for iPhone.

Against the wall

Introduction to this Free Logic Game:

In the first scene of the game you will be standing on a small platform (as seen in the below screenshot). You see an infinite wall which is comprised of irregular sized bricks and a magic stick. Point your magic stick at the bricks, they get highlighted. Click at the highlighted bricks and they start coming out. If pressed second time on the same bricks, they go back inside. So, by clicking on these bricks you make stairways or roads and make your way to the top by jumping or walking on them. The keyboard controls are W, A, S, D for directions and SPACE for jump. F5 Quick Saves and F9 Quick Loads the Game.

against the wall start

Different colored bricks does different functions:

  • White bricks perform normally i.e., they come out up to some distance
  • Red bricks won’t respond to your magic at all
  • Brown bricks come out a little distance only
  • Green bricks are tricky; as soon as you climb on them they start going back into wall and make you fall.

If you skip or jump into an open area you start falling down and a message says “You Died”. Then you can start playing from your last checkpoint by choosing the “Continue” option from the Main Menu.

Against The wall gameplay


It’s a 3D Game. You control the character both with your mouse and keyboard. While playing you can see some checkpoints where different types of lifts are available. In between you confront some different locations, abandoned places and unusual structures everything on side of The Wall.

If you are bored of playing normal games then definitely try this logic Game. Explore the wall and make your way to the top with your Logic and Magic. Free to download and Creative Game too. The download size is around 38 MB.

If you want to play on your browser then you need to Install a Unity software to Play Online. If you want to play offline, Against The Wall is available for FREE Download also.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, MAC
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