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CheatBook Database is a free software that provides Cheat codes and Walkthroughs of almost all games. The Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs are available for all gaming consoles. It has details of more than 21,000 Games. I was able to find cheat codes of some of my favorite games, like: Super Mario, Need for Madness, Contra, and Jungle Book.

Once you install the software, you can explore it pretty much like an indexed book. You can choose any game you want to, and then see cheats for that game.

If you have been having trouble beating your games, then go for this game cheats database. Install this on any Windows Operating System.  

Cheatbook Database

You need cheat codes to get extra weapons, extra lives and other accessories. Walkthroughs come to the rescue when you are stuck at some place in a game, not knowing what to do next.

Games are listed in an alphabetical order. When you click on the required game the details appear on the right side.

This game cheats database is not just limited to PC Games; you can use this CheatBook for most of the popular gaming consoles, like: Dreamcast, Gameboy Series, N-Gage, iPhone, Sony PSP, Sega, Nintendo Series, Wii, XBox, XBox 360, Playstation Series.

If you want to contribute to this database, then you have the option to add your tricks and tips also.

cheat codes

Apart from cheat codes and walkthroughs, this game cheats database contains some other interesting features as well.

Options other than Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs:

  • Hex editor which is a binary file editor for manipulating 1’s and 0’s which can be understood by good programmers. You most probably don’t need it.
  • The classic Tetris Game is available for playing.
  • You can change the Skin of the software to make it look according to your choice.
  • The software and cheat codes can be updated manually from internet.

hex editor

Avid Gamers can use this software to quickly find any game cheats.  You can Mail or Print the cheat codes also.

When you double click on a Game, a new window pops up where you can add your own Notes, Screenshots, Game Links..

Cheatbook Database is updated every year and available for FREE Download. You can also read the monthly published Cheatbook magazine on the Website for updated cheat codes and walkthroughs.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000,Windows 98, Windows 95
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