Need For Madness: Crazy Racing Game Free

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Need For Madness is a Crazy car Racing Game totally different from other games. In this game you can perform stunts and waste other cars. A huge collection of vehicles like Race Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s are available to drive.

It’s a classic 3D game developed on Java Platform available for Free. You can play it on any Windows Operating System, Linux and Mac systems also. You can also play on your web browser also. You can play other racing games like Deadly Race or Need For Speed for PC.

need for madness

Two Simple Ways To Win This Crazy Racing Game:

  • Race other cars through check points. The guidance arrow points towards checkpoints to win the race.
  • Go in the opposite direction and crash other cars. If you decide to waste other cars then simply press [A] key, you will be directed towards other cars.

Either way you will win the game. You will be chased by other cars to be crashed, so watch out. To direct your car use the Arrow Keys.

need for madness play

How To Survive The Madness:

The main ingredients for the car to survive are Power and Damage.

  • Power: While you are playing, your car power goes down. If the power is low then the car runs slow. To power up you need to perform stunts like drifting and making loops. Press SPACEBAR + Direction Keys when you jump to perform stunts. The SPACEBAR key is a Handbrake when your car is on land.
  • Damage: To repair damages there is an electric ring in the air (as shown in below screenshot), through which you have to pass by performing stunts

need for madness ring

You can create your own cars by simply going through this Car Maker Tutorial. You can make your own Stage Design also. You don’t need to register in this website also.

Multiplayer game is available in two modes:

  • Play Online Multiplayer: You can play with other player on the Internet.
  • Play LAN Multiplayer: You can play with your friends in the Local Network.

Physics and Rules Of Gravity don’t apply to this game. If you want to try some mad angles in racing game then try this.

The only software which need to be pre-installed is Java.

You can play the game online on your web browser also. You can Download it on your PC also.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, MAC
Free/Paid: Free

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