5 Freeware to Combine Facebook and Twitter Accounts

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Here are 5 software to combine Twitter and Facebook account, and check updates on Twitter and Facebook from one place.

Social networking is a big thing nowadays, as it gives an easy way to connect with friends in a passive manner. There are many social networks around that provide good options to stay connected with friends. But this also causes a problem as many people use multiple social networks, and it sometimes becomes difficult to keep a tab on all of them.

Luckily, there are many software that let you combine multiple social networks and check them from one place. This ensures that you never miss anything, and can stay connected with your friends on all social networks.

Here are 5 freeware that combine Facebook and Twitter: two of the most popular social networks of today. Some of these software let you combine even more social networks like LinkedIn and MySpace. So, depending on which social networks you use, you can download and use corresponding software.


Sobees is freeware for your desktop that lets you amalgamate your Facebook and Twitter Accounts. This single application interface is useful for users who have daily usage of social networking sites and Twitter accounts. Just install the application in your Pc and add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the Sobees Lite interface.

If you are used to keep up with your social networking sites on daily basis than you must use this application, as your different social medias can be combined in one single interface so give you ease of surfing. As we have so many social networking web sites that are used by different people across the globe. With this application, you can easily integrate not only your Facebook and Twitter but also MySpace and LinkedIn accounts for better accessibility.

You can check the recent post and messages easily when accessing your accounts through Sobees Lite. The application also alerts you about the recent posts and be the first one informed if anything that matters to you happens. Moreover you can connect to all your Twitter accounts with this freeware and update your friends about your activities.  Use the freeware like your web browser for all the four networking web sites. You can also update your status right from this application interface.

Read more about Sobees, or download free here.


Yoono is easy to use application that you can download without spending any penny. With this tool, you can combine your social networking web sites and instant messaging services together at one place. This will simplify your life, as you will be able to access all your accounts straight from one single interface and no need to log on to different web sites separately.

Yoono supports Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, FourSquare, AIM, MSN, and more.

With this freeware you can get connected with your friends easily and keep them update about your activities and keep yourself updated about them. The freeware also gives you freedom to update your status messages at the same time at all the networking sites. This will save you from logging to different accounts and keep updating the status. You can connect with all the IM services at the same time.

The Yoono interface is classy and very intuitive. The application is easy to handle and you connect with your Facebook and Twitter account at one point using this interface. The application also makes sharing of the links and posts easy for you. As you will click the post or the video, it will show you share button in the bottom where you can share the video with all the networking sites together or select your preferred site.

Yoono comes both as a desktop application, as well as Yoono browser plugin. So, you can download the option that you like, and stay connected with your friends on all social networks.

Read more about Yoono, or download free here.


Twitgether is free application that is designed to help you to connect with your networking sites like Facebook and Twitter together. The application combines your Twitter account with all the popular social networking sites so that you can access your Twitter account quickly from anywhere. The idea behind the program was to simplify your life when you can tweet along with your mails, chats or just with your networking accounts.

There is no download or installation with this application. Just authorize your email or social networking site to use Twitter account gadget along and your twitter account will be added to your mail account or Facebook account. The freeware supports multiple Twitter accounts and thus you can access multiple Twitter accounts together.

This free plug in is very easy to use, just requires simple authorization and after that you need not log on to Twitter account all the time. The application works on auto authorization mode and will straight way direct you to the Twitter account. With the freeware, you can see the Tweets and inline posts easily all in the same interface and also view the inline profiles with the same plug in.

Twigether works with Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut. Option for MySpace is coming soon.

Read more about Twigether, or try free here.


TweetDeck is free software that allows you to connect with all your friends and family across Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz and many more. The application is classy and very interesting to use. Downloading the application is free of cost and installation is all the more easy. The application silently rest in your desktop and you can launch the application from your Start menu, Dock, or desktop.

The application is itself a browser for you since you can browse through your social networking accounts easily and at single point of time. Manage your social sites and update them from time to time straight from this freeware interface. The application supports all the updates and sharing features that you like to use when you are using your Facebook or Twitter.

What can you do with this freeware:

  • Interactive and informative notifications
  • Locate your friends
  • Easily see who’s following you
  • Follow topics in real-time with saved searches, editable from within the column
  • Integrated LinkedIn for your professional contacts
  • Update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and Foursquare all at a same time
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily

You can create safe back of all your favorites, including columns, groups and saved searches, everywhere you go. Synchronize your TweetDeck columns across multiple computers and your iPhone. Back-up and safely store all your TweetDeck information, and never worry about accidentally deleting a group again.

Read more about TweetDeck, or download free here.


Brizzly is free software that will combine your Facebook and Twitter accounts easily and sync your accounts for easy access. Brizzly lets you update your posts and tweets simultaneously from one application while you can surf though your Facebook and Twitter account easily with this freeware.

Brizzly is web based and you need not install any software. It will not only update your posts and tweets but also let you view profiles and friend’s updates easily. It simplifies your browsing and updating experience, while it makes surfing easy for you. We will take some of the work out of keeping up to date with the people, trends, and news you want to know about.

The simple to use interface and easy web based application makes it users very usable. Brizzly shows videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and pictures from Brizzly, Twitpic, Flickr, and others immediately so you do not have to click away to another web page and all is done through single application.

Read more about Brizzly, or try free here.

Also check out ScrapBoy.

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