5 Free Websites to Send eCards

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Here are 5 websites to send ecards this holiday season. You can find cards for every occasion on these websites and can also personalize them according to your preferences. Let’s look at these free send ecard websites now.



123greetings.com is a website for sending e-cards free for all occasion. The website gallery has a large database of e-cards for every type. You can find e-cards for every occasion. Whether its birthday, anniversary, thanksgiving or Christmas; there is an e-card for every occasion. This free website is very easy to navigate and you can search for e cards of choice easily. This intuitive website provides you with variety of cards for every occasion.

Moreover, this website does not want you to get registered with it. You need not sign up or require to fill up boring registration or sign up forms. Simply search for a card and send it to your recipient. The website tools are efficient enough to let you send e cards to your loved ones on time.

You can also surf through various flash cards which are interesting and attractive for your receiver. No matter how far your recipients are, you can always send e-cards to them to show that you care for them. Sending e-cards is also very easy. When you choose your card, you can customize them and send it to your recipient. You can customize cards the way you want. You can also change the back ground music when you see the card and before sending.

For customizing and sending cards, you will be asked to fill up required fields like sender’s email, receiver’s email, personalized message, and name. Interestingly, this website also gives you freedom to choose your own future date when you want to send this greeting. Hence you can select and direct the website to send cards one week in advance. This feature is very helpful when you want to send greeting card to your near and dear and do not want to forget the date.

With this free and easy to use website, you can send any type of e-cards for your loved ones and make them feel special.


blue mountain

Bluemountain.com is another free website that offers its visitors to send e-cards for free and without any registration. The website has free ecards in their store for every occasion that is special to you. You can select any cards and email it to your friend or family. You get better and interactive e-cards with this free website. Navigating through this website is also very easy and you can quickly send an e-card to your loved ones.

The featured categories of this free e card website are Birthday, free calendar wallpaper, invitations, announcements, anniversary, pets, greetings and kids. You will be able to access many e cards from this website. The website lets you send personalized or customized greeting cards to your loved ones for free. No matter how far your family is, the application website lets you send e cards instantly. You can also direct the website to send e card after some specific days or time. With this feature you will not need to remember dates and events. Just schedule your cards and the website will send your cards on time.

One of the interesting categories is ‘talking e card’ which reads out your message to the recipient in different voices. This featured category is intuitive and yet unique. There are two different cards in these categories. One is talking cat and another is talking dog. You can write your message in the box and select the voice in which you want cards to read your messages. It also lets you select your own accent options for better delivery requirements.



Egreetings.com is another website that helps you to send e cards across the web to your loved ones on their special day. The website is an easy way to make your family happy and bring smile on their face. You can give importance to their life for special moments you both cherish. This website has a wide range of greeting cards for every one and for every occasion.

The website has easy mechanism for searching cards across categories and sends your emotions that reflect your feelings and greetings to the recipients. You can browse through wide variety of e cards for almost every occasion. You can also go through very recent Christmas and thanksgiving e cards for your family and friends with this free e cards website.

The application has simple e cards as well as flash cards for your loved ones. One of the featured category of this website contains add your face cards. With these cards you can upload photos of your loved ones in the e card you selected and send it to your recipient for light-hearted and funny greetings. You can also send greetings for holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas, Jesus Blessing, and many other days.

You can send these special add your face cards to your loved ones with truly personal touch and show them that you remember the day and care for them. For personalizing your own Add Your Face e-cards you will need a photograph of the recipient or a webcam for clicking snap of you or the person you want to see in the e card. You can easily add face to the cards for the personal touch and send it to your family and friends for special days. Add your face is simple to operate cards and your recipient will find it funny enough to receive their snap pasted on some funny card.



Meme4u.com is another e-card website that allows you to send greeting cards online. You need not register yourself with this website. Simply browse for your desired card and send it to your recipient. The website is quick and easy to navigate. You can also search for holiday cards, occasion e-cards, miss you cards and many more. You can also search for featured e cards which are special for Christmas, thanksgiving and also Veterans Day.

This free online greeting website has a wide range of greeting cards for everyone who wants to express their emotions and best wishes through a card. With this website you can make your loved one feel special and let them know that you care for them. You get a set of cards and send unlimited number of cards for everyone. You can send them all for free of cost.

You can also personalize your greetings by adding message to your card. Adding a message is very simple and your note can do wonder for your loved ones. If you do not have any idea for writing messages on cards, you get easy tip messages for your cards based upon your card type. For example, if your card is about ‘miss you’ genre, you will be suggested 4-5 quotations in this category. In this way, you will be saved from searching for quotations online.

Customization or personalization is also very easy with this website. You can customize fonts, colour and font size of your message with this website. Hence you get easy to use personalized system with this website to make your greeting card with personal touch. You can send your loved ones New Year, Christmas and Hanukkah cards.



The Free e-cards online website from greeting-cards.com offers you a complete range of free electronic cards for you to send to every one for whom you care for every special occasion and celebration. You can enjoy a special day on just about every day of the year. There is always an impressive way to send your friends and family funny greeting cards. You can also send email for animated or musical singing e card with special messages and quotes.

You can also set reminders for all the occasions in your family so that you can relax and need not worry about forgetting the dates. Set reminder for next year or set card sending so that you do not forget the special events. You can send free ecards with this website for absolutely no cost. You can also send unlimited number of cards online for your loved ones and show them that you care.

The featured categories of this website includes anniversary, at work, birthday, congratulations, thank you, stay in touch, love, every day cards, invitations, pets, kids, holiday and many more. The list is not conclusive. You get a wide range of cards and letter in this website for every occasion, so that you can pop up with an email to your family and friend’s inbox and let them know that they are special.

It lets you add image to the cards for so that you can personalize your cards for your recipient. You need web cam or digital photos for this feature. Like any other website, this online greeting website also offers you to personalize your e-cards with your personal note attached to it. You can add background, text and images to the cards for showing personal touch or send bulk e-cards for everyone in office. You can use this website as you want and that too for free.

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