Brizzly: Integrated Client for Twitter and Facebook

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Brizzly is a reader that is integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Brizzly keeps you updated on the people, trends, and news in Twitter and Facebook. It improves the internet surfing experience by adding some useful features. Another software that can integrate and Twitter and Facebook is TweetDeck.

The best part of Brizzly is that it is compeltely online, and you do not need to download or install anything. So, you can have a unified view of your Twitter and Facebook accounts from any browser!

It hides the updates of the your followers from the timeline and you won’t have to unfollow them. To change the setting, you can unmute it from the settings page. Brizzly will display the video, pictures and other media files on Brizzly, Twitter,Youtube, and Video on the same page so that you don’t have exit the page to view it. You can also share your photos and images  directly on the page. Brizzly will prompt you for the link to share in the updating interface. Whenever there is new updates on any of the categories including home,replies and saved searches, you will notice blue dots next to the menu. To check and update Facebook right from your Microsoft Outlook, you can use FBLook.

Here are some of the features of Brizzly:


  • Hide the followers’ updates from your timeline. You can always unmute from the settings page anytime
  • Share videos and pictures directly on the page without having to exit the page and click through to another page.
  • Share photos, and images directly on the page. Brizzly will prompt for the link to share and host the photos and images on his server.
  • Blue dots appears on the home, replies, and saved searches menu whenever there are new updates
  • Recent activity shows your recent posts on Facebook. The recent activity includes rating, and commenting on your friend’s posts.
  • See the current trend topics on Twitter and edit the trend descriptions

Brizzly is a free application. It does a pretty good job in integrating Twitter and Facebook. So, if you are a fan of both, Brizzly can save you a ton of time. If you need a software that can integrate Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut, try Twigether or ScrapBoy.

Here is a small video tutorial that explains how to use Brizzly.
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