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GnuAccounting is free accounting software that allows you to create invoices, credit memos and other documents with GnuAccounting runs on Java cross platform.

The open source accounting tool supports, HBCI, and HSQLDB or MySQL. GnuAccounting allows users to imports or export Winston, Moneyplex, Starmoney, Taskcoach, and KTime Tracker. This free accounting software can be installed on Linux and Windows and is portable. Other free accounting software like Buxfer, Adminsoft Freeware and Monex suffer from not being portable like GnuAccounting is.

GnuAccounting has several requirements including the GTK_version 2.2.x,, IMHO 3.2, Connector/JĀ  and Java 2 standard edition runtime environment in order. The open source accounting tool allows you to have easier booking by using a standard template.

This free accounting software also supports rudimentary barcode reader/write. GnuAccounting uses the MySQL database to store the transaction date in a central server.

Here are some of the features of GnuAccounting, the open source accounting tool:

  • GnuAccounting is free accounting software that operates on a Java cross platform
  • GnuAccounting is integrated with, HBCI, HSQLDB, or MySQL
  • Users can import and export the data to Winston, Moneyplex, Starmoney, Taskcoash and KTimeTracker
  • This free accounting software can runs on Linux and Windows platforms
  • GnuAccounting is a portable open source accounting tool
  • GnuAccounting is free accounting software that can create and administer invoices and credit notes
  • GnuAccounting supports rudimentary barcode reader/writer
  • Users can delete the documents
  • GnuAccounting is compatible with 64bit operating systems
  • The standard template allows users to perform the bookkeeping easily

GnuAccounting is an open source accounting tool that is licensed under the GPL General Public License. GnuAccounting is ree accounting software which is available to the public, similarly to AceMoney Lite and Mint.

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Works With: Windows, Linux
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