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Yoono Desktop is an All-In-One messenger that lets you connect to all your social networking websites, and also chat with your friends from one place. With Yoono, you can track your updates from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn. Yoono also lets you chat with your friends from Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, and MSN.

There are so many social networking applications, and IM networks that have come up that it becomes really difficult to keep track of activity on all of them. The applications that are able to integrate all these networks together are really the need of the hour. So, I have reviewed many such applications recently, like,  Btween.Us, Sobees Lite, and Bitter.

Update (29th May 2017): This software doesn’t exist anymore.

Yoono Desktop is another similar application that integrates multiple social networking sites, and chat networks. But the great feature of Yoono is that it supports all the popular social networks and IM networks out of the box.

Social Networks and IM Networks supported by Yoono:

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Google Talk
  • FriendFeed
  • Flickr
  • AIM
  • MSN
  • LinkedIn

I haven’t come across many free applications that have such a wide coverage, so Yoono really excels in that area.

Yoono has a nice tabbed interface. There is one tab for seeing updates from social networks, another tab for seeing all your friends, and last tab to see all your IM networks.

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Other thing I like about Yoono is its nice set of feature. Yoono has been very cleverly designed which makes it easy to track updates from so many networks, without getting overwhelmed.

Features of Yoono:

See Updates from All Social Networks

Yoono consolidates updates from all the social networks at one common place. When you go to “Updates” tab of Yoono, you can see updates from all your social networks. You can even select to see updates from only specific social network if you like, by just selecting the icon for that network.

See all your Friends in one List

A great feature of Yoono is that it lets you see all your friends in one consolidated list. This is available in “Friends” tab.

Chat with all IM networks from one place

Yoono lets you chat with your friends on popular chat networks from one central place. Just head over to “IM” tab, and start chatting.

Other features:

  • Easily share any link, picture, or content with your friends.
  • Update multiple social networks together.
  • Completely Free.
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Yoono also provides a browser-plugin with similar features. I will probably elaborate about that in a separate article.

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