LinkedIn Pages Launched: Overview of New Features

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LinkedIn has rebranded LinkedIn Company Pages to LinkedIn Pages. With this rebranding comes a host of new features that make LinkedIn Pages a lot more useful. Some of the notable features include better Content Discovery to share relevant content with your target audience, ability to easily discover and share brand mentions by customers and employees, and integration with third-party tools like HootSuite. LinkedIn mobile apps have also been enhanced to make it easier for Page admins to manage their pages and respond to messages.

As of this writing, LinkedIn Pages are rolling out in US, and will soon roll out in rest of the world. You can read the announcement here.

LinkedIn Pages:

LinkedIn remains the biggest community of professionals, with over 590 million users. No wonder, Microsoft decided to purchase it. Since then, a lot of new features are being regularly added to LinkedIn. LinkedIn Pages is a pretty significant next move; not because of just the rebranding of existing LinkedIn Company Pages, but also a renewed focus of LinkedIn towards it.

LinkedIn Pages

Here is a quick overview of some of the features that you can see in LinkedIn Pages:

Ability to See and Share Public Posts of Employees:

LinkedIn Pages lets you easily see Public Posts of your employees. And if you like a particular post, you can easily share that post on your LinkedIn Page. A good feedback from an existing employee goes a long way in adding social validation.

Monitor Brand mentions and respond to them

Now you can monitor your Brand Mentions, as well as mentions of other relevant keywords on LinkedIn public posts. If you need to respond to any of them, you can also respond directly to that post. If there is a good review from a customer or a partner, you can also share that on your Page.

Content Suggestions to discover relevant shareable content

LinkedIn now surfaces content that it thinks is relevant for your target audience. If you like any suggestion, you can directly share that on your page. The aim of this is to improve engagement on your page, even if you are not generating any original content of your own.

Add Life Tab and Career Tab

LinkedIn Pages lets you add Life tab and Career tab to your page. Purpose of Life tab is to showcase the culture of your company. You can effectively use this to portray the efficient, fun, and productive environment of your company. This will also go a long way in attracting new talent pool. For that, the Career tab will come in handy, where you can show all the open positions in your organization.

Share documents like Powerpoint

Now you can share documents like Powerpoint, Word docs, and PDF files on your LinkedIn Pages. This feature was not available earlier.

Integration with LinkedIn apps and Third-Party Tools

To make it easier for admins to manage LinkedIn Pages on the go, LinkedIn apps on Android and iOS have been enhanced to support these new features. Admins can now easily respond to any Brand mention, reshare any post, and get relevant alerts on their apps.

LinkedIn has also enhanced its API to enable third-party social media management tools to enhance their offerings and add features of LinkedIn Pages in that. Towards that, HootSuite has already enhanced their tool to offer the features of LinkedIn Pages.

Crunchbase Integration

LinkedIn Pages now also have Crunchbase Integration. With this, LinkedIn Pages will now also include relevant information from Crunchbase. This includes funding information as well as key investors’ information about a company. This will be done for the companies who have an active Crunchbase profile.

This information is pretty useful to attract new talent, establish the validity of business, as well as positively influence upcoming meetings with new potential partners.

As of now, this feature is available only for the desktop. Going ahead, it will be available on mobile as well (in 2019).

Associate LinkedIn Pages to Hashtags

LinkedIn Page admins can now also associate their pages to hashtags. This is useful to keep updated about relevant activity happening around that hashtag, as well as monitor Brand mentions.


As a business owner, I am pretty excited with LinkedIn Pages. Even though LinkedIn Company Pages were already available, but new features introduced by LinkedIn have made these a lot more useful and relevant. I am sure to explore it more.

What do you think of this next iteration of LinkedIn? Let me know in comments below.

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