5 Free Applications to Schedule Facebook Status Updates

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Here are some free software to schedule Facebook status updates. These applications let you schedule Facebook updates in advance, and specify the time at which the updates should be posted to your Facebook wall.

Facebook Schedule


TweetDeck is free application that will help you to schedule your status updates for Facebook and Twitter accounts. The application is in widget form and very easy to operate. The freeware is intuitive and do not occupy much of your disk space. This little program is light weight and yet powerful as you can schedule your updates for future dates.

You can use this application for free to post an update for some time in the future. Thus if you have birthday messages for your friends or an event is going to occur in future and you want to be prompt to post the status than you may use this application feature of scheduling status updates. Update all your friends easily on Facebook. Simply compose messages in the update window, view your character count, and then broadcast it to the world.

This freeware is equipped with all the important features that you might want to manage your social networks. There is no character limits with this application, no matter how long your messages is, you can spill your heart out while scheduling your posts and updates (this is true for Twitter as well, by virtue of Deck.ly feature).

Read more about TweetDeck, or download free here.

Also check out Buffer Chrome Extension, and Dlvr.it.


HootSuite is another application in the list that will allow you to schedule your post and Facebook updates to the future date. The application is complete set of tools that you might want to manage your social profiles. With free version of the application, you add up to five social profiles with this handy and simple program. The application is completely web-based, thus you need not download any software, just sign up and start using the program code.

The registration process with the web site takes almost a minute only and you can use the program to schedule your Facebook updates. The application interface is very intuitive and you can access to the features very easily. Just type in your status updates in the status bar and you will notice a schedule message tab, just schedule your message on the chosen date. Interestingly you can also determine the time when you want the application to post your update and the program will also send you an email, when message is posted.

The free account offers you scheduling feature along with it, you can also connect up to five social network profiles that belongs to Twitter, Facebook and from other social networks. You can also avail free social analytics feature, to monitor your basic info about your social profile including Click Status, ReTweets and more. You can use this free tool to manage your social networks and campaigns and track your progress with this freeware.

Read more about HootSuite, or try free here.


Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Su.pr is free online service from Stumbleupon. It works web-based and you have to sign for a free account in order to get access to this handy application. With this application, you can date your status updates for a particular date and time. The application is very simple and you are required to integrate your Facebook account with this freeware.

The application will send your scheduled updates you to integrated Facebook and Twitter accounts without fail. Thus, you will never forget the important updates and posts that you might tell your world on correct time. You can schedule your messages, post with this application, and surprise your loved ones with this powerful tool. After the integration, you can schedule the posts with or without url to both Facebook and Twitter.

Small text box will appear in front of you and you can type your updates in the box and schedule the messages on the prospective time and date. There is check box whether you want to send your update to Twitter or Facebook. Check on both when you want to update both Facebook and Twitter with same messages.

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LaterBro is another free application that schedules your Facebook updates for free of cost. You need not save your passwords with the app, the program will authorize itself with your Facebook and Twitter account. The use of this app is very simple and intuitive, as you are not required to login every time with this application. Easily schedule your important messages with this application and forget about it. Also manage your scheduled posts with this application.

Once your Facebook account gets authorize with the app, you will be asked to select your time zone, this time zone will send your messages right on time, which you schedule, your posts. Select your time zone and proceed with scheduling your status updates. The app interface is very easy to understand and elegant looking. There is white text box in the mid of the screen, where you may write your messages and underneath schedule time and date, preferred by you.

You can also edit or cancel any post scheduled by you with this application. This will save you from posting any wrongly typed any messages. If you want, you can also mention the frequency within which you want your update to occur on your Facebook wall post. Add multiple Facebook and Twitter account with this application and never forget your important messages to be published for your loved ones.

Check out LaterBro.

Social Tomorrow

Social Tomorrow is free application, which is feature rich and offers you full functionality to delay or schedule your post and status updates in Facebook. The application is absolutely free of cost for all Facebook fans and you can schedule up to ten status updates in a month with free version. The application interface is very simple and informative, as you will be informed about the number of status updates you are eligible to send through this application.

The application does not require any downloading, simply sign in for the free account, and start using this application for free. Type you message in the text box and schedule the update at a future date. You can schedule the suggested time for the same and forget about forgetting your status updates. In addition, you are also privileged with feature to delete your scheduled messages for your convenience. There is a table in the bottom of the app interface that will display you the list of messages scheduled by you along with the date, on which it is scheduled; if you want you can remove the update from the list than the application will not proceed to update your Facebook account with the same.

This freeware will help you to plan your wall posts and status updates for future date and time. you can also manage your wall posts and fan pages wall posts with this application.

Check out Social Tomorrow.

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