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Deck.Ly is new feature in TweetDeck that allows you to post long tweets in Twitter. Using this simple longer tweeting tool will free you from the bonds of being limited to 140 characters. Once you have downloaded and setup this tool, simply type your tweet as you type the 141 character will see a notification stating “long update using Deck.Ly”. Continue typing and when you finish and post your update to Twitter, you will see a tag at the end of your tweet that says, “Read more” (others viewing your tweet and using Deck.LY will see the same message).

If people reading the tweet click on “read more” he or she will find a link that will take he or she to the rest of the message. There is also a link to the rest of a message if others are viewing the “tweet” from a site other than Twitter or a site similar to Twitter.

There are three main methods with which to use this longer tweets application. The first method is from within the TweetDeck desktop application. If you have the most recent version of TweetDeck; using Deck.Ly requires no special add-on or other software to be easily used.

The second method of using is as a part of TweetDeck Google Chrome extension. Making use of Chrome’s extension options will allow you to use  Deck.Ly right from your Chrome browser. Again, you just type everything you wish to say and the “Long Update” option box will appear. Also check out other Twitter Chrome extensions.

The third method to use Deck.Ly is from within the TweetDeck application for Android. This particular application works much like the aforementioned Google Chrome extension. Again, you do not need to install any extra software to activate Deck.Ly. At time of writing of this article, was not available for iPhone or iPad app, but it should be on its way shortly.

Indeed being able to write longer tweets is something many would love to be able to do at times. Using Deck.Ly also allows you to include hash-tags and other characters without having to worry about space, is definitely a good reason to use Deck.Ly.

TweetDeck is already one of the best Twitter client, and now makes it even more desired one.

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