Free Multiplayer FPS Game For PC and Mac: Warsow

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Warsow is a cartoon styled fast paced free FPS Game available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Warsow is a multiplayer game where you play with funny creatures in a funny world. You need to be online to play this game.

In this FPS Game you have to jump your way through the arena, shoot,dash, dodge, and climb walls. Download and install this 500 MB file to start playing this futuristic cartoon styled game.

warsow shoot

About Warsow:

Warsow is designed as a fast paced FPS Game for fun. There is no violence in this game; even when you hit someone it is indicated by a star and when an enemy dies it is indicated by the enemy collapsing into colored cubes. Wielding Pigs and Cyber Punks move around the streets with laser guns and rocket launchers in this game. Collect the powers before anyone does and plant bombs before anyone kills you. If you are not too good with FPS games, you can train yourself on FPS Trainer.

There are many futuristic weapons namely: Gun Blade, Machine Gun, Riot Gun, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun, Laser Gun, Rocket Launcher, Electro bolt, and Instagun. You can also collect health pickups like: 5 HP, 25 HP, 50 HP, Mega Health, and Ultra health. The armors available are: Red Armor adds 100 armor points, Yellow Armor adds 75 armor points, Green Armor adds 50 armor points, and Armor shard adds 5 armor points. The various modes in which you can play Warsow is: Deathmatch, Free For All, Duel, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Race, Bomb and Defuse, CTF, Duel Arena, Headhunt, and Team Domination.

This is an open source game where you can make your own customizations. The scripting engine is easy because it is based upon C++ or Java script syntax for making your own game types. All the settings can be customized. You can customize your own HUD by HUD Scripting Engine.


Features Of This FPS Game:

This FPS Game has got many features:

1. Profile: After installation register a username and password in the Warsow Website. In your profile tab you can see the awards, friends, etc.

2. Options: In options you can modify your character, color, and appearance. You can set the player name and clan. You can also edit HUD and Misc settings here.

3. Game: Go to the Game tab and look for servers running. Join any one of the servers by clicking on the Match Browser option. You can create your own server by clicking on the Local Game tab. Read this review to Setup LAN Multiplayer Game to play with your friends. When you enter any server, you will be in spectating mode, click Escape and choose the Join option to start playing.

4. Chat: In chat you can chat in an IRC with other players who are online.

5. News: In this section you can see the latest news of Warsow Game.

warsow profile

Warsow is an e-sports model FPS Game. The graphics are of very high quality and the sound effects are also good. If you would like to try other different kind of FPS Games then read these reviews on Red Eclipse, Alien Arena, and Prism.

Click here to Download Warsow.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, Linux
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