Free FPS Game For PC, Mac: Red Eclipse

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Red Eclipse is a good Free FPS Game (First Person Shooter) available for download on your PC. It has both Single Player and Multiplayer game modes.

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red eclipse intro

About this Free FPS Game:

This FPS game is a fantasy game. The characters in this game look like aliens with a dragon look. This is an open source game. It’s very hard to find such nice FPS games for free.

This fps game is mainly designed for Online Multiplayer game; but it can be played offline also with the computer. There are many servers running; this shows its popularity.

First design your character and then you will enter the main screen. Here are the options available:


You can design your profile here. You can edit your name, gender, color, and the weapon.

Play online:

You can join the game servers here. Click here to know how Setup Your Own Server. You can also join your friends by Setting Up a LAN Game.

There are many game modes and maps available; which will be discussed in the offline practice mode.

red eclipse scores

Offline Practice:

Offline practice is other name for Single Player game. Here you can make the game settings all by yourself. You can edit Game Modes, Mutators, and Maps.

The below screenshot is a glance of all those settings.

red eclipse mode

The game modes are:

  • Editing: In this mode you can edit and create your own maps.
  • Deathmatch: In deathmatch mode you just have to kill your opponents and survive. The more you hit and kill, the more points you get.
  • Capture the Flag: In this mode your team has to catch hold of the opposite team flag and return to the base to win.
  • Defend the Flag: In this mode you will be given your team flag; you have to defend it.
  • Bomber Ball: Get the bomb into the enemies goal to win.
  • Time Trail: In this mode compete for the fastest time to complete a lap.


  • Multi: In this mode four teams will compete to win. You will be assigned into any of the team.
  • Teamplay: Two teams fight to determine the winning side.
  • Coop: This is players vs drones mode. You are against the drones.
  • Instabig: One shot, one kill mode. Take a correct shot and kill.
  • Medieval: Everyone fights with only swords.
  • Ballistic: Everyone gets a rocket launcher to fight. Nothing else.
  • Duel: This is one on one mode.
  • Survivor: The one who survives till the end will win.
  • Arena: You get to choose your weapon to fight.
  • Onslaught: Huge group of enemies keep coming. You just got to kill and kill and kill.
  • Jetpack: Everyone gets a jetpack to fly and fight.
  • Vampire: Damage others to gain health and survive more. Just like vampires.
  • Expert: This is for experts in this game. Do go for this option after you get a nice practice.
  • Resize: Everyone changes size according to their health.


There are many varieties of maps available. Every map is unique and good for battling. Just try them.

red eclipse play

Check all the controls in the options menu. You can also get console commands in the options menu only. The controls are:

  • Left Control for walking slow; because normally you will be running around.
  • Space for jumping. Use this all the time; very helpful.
  • [WASD] for moving around.
  • Use numbers for swapping weapons.
  • [E] to pick up weapons and grenades.
  • [~] for console.
  • [R] for reload.

There is an option called Variables in the main menu. In this option you can edit the gameplay and the weapons. The weapons available are: melee attack, pistol, shot gun, sword, SMG, flamer, plasma, rifles, grenades, and rocket launchers.

I personally enjoyed playing this Free FPS game both online mode and offline mode. You will definitely enjoy this very fast paced game.

Click here to Download Red Eclipse.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Mac
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