Hidden And Dangerous: Free Strategy War Game For PC

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Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe is an excellent Strategy War Game for PC Download. This War Game is based on World War 2.

This War and Strategy War Game is considered the  pioneered first or third person shooter. You can play similar war action games like War Inc: First Person Shooter online and Contra for PC Download.

Gameplay Of This Hidden And Dangerous War Game:

Hidden and Dangerous is a good strategy game developed in 2000. You will control a 8 man team of Special Air Services(SAS). The 3D graphics and design of game in those times is well appreciated. It has both first person shooter and third person shooter mode.

Initially you will have to select 4 out of 8 and lead them to complete the missions. If some of your members die during the mission you can assign from the remaining 4 members. The mission and goals will be explained first. You will be given guidance too; but the men and weapons should be carefully chosen by you. The whole layout of the area will be also described on a small map. Your men will be dropped behind the enemy lines and from there the game starts. First you have to choose between Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty levels.

hidden and dangerous team

How To Play:

This war game needs a lot of patience and planning. You have to carefully choose your team. Every member details are available showing the percentages of Shooting, Reaction, Stealth, Strength, and Endurance. You can also see his name and what position he holds. Then you have to choose what all weapons you need. Better to choose 8 each if available and be sure to increase the ammo also. After that the plan will be told and then again you have to choose the player and give them weapons according to the mission.

The game starts and you can start playing with your first member and that person will be highlighted. The remaining persons will stay idle at the starting point. You have to control each member separately by pressing the numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 or just press Tab. The [W] key is for changing from standing to Crawl and the arrow keys are for directions. Shift is for running mode and mouse is for moving. You can shoot with mouse right button or Ctrl. There are group call buttons also. The controls are different from conventional shooting games. You can change them by going to controls options.

hidden and dangerous deluxe

It is based on strategy on how you manage your team and how quick you react. The game doesn’t look so clear and you may find it a little slow. But the story is good and as it is a game based on WWII you cant expect more.

This War Game is available for Free Download here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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