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FPS trainer is a website where you can get online training to play FPS games. Beginner to FPS Games? Then FPS Trainer can train you well.

Are you a beginner to PC games? Are you good at all kinds of video games and want to excel in FPS Games too? Get trained with this online tutor for FPS Games. All you need is a PC and internet connection to get started.

fps game training

What are FPS Games?

When I was a beginner to games, I started with racing games and adventure games. I am a pro in Need For Speed particularly and defeated players at college level. Suddenly a guy comes to me challenging to play Counter Strike with him. I have heard of this game very much, but I have never tried it. But in that situation I have to prove that I’m a gamer, so I accepted the challenge. I don’t even know the controls, so I learned them for the time being. But no wonder I lost the match and had to accept defeat. Then I started playing many FPS Games and had to learn all by myself. But here is a gift to all FPS Beginners, I found this website which is very interesting. It trains you on How to play FPS games. So, here’s your chance to be a pro in FPS Games.

FPS means First Person Shooter games. All famous FPS Games have online versions where you play online on a supported browser or with a separate setup on your computer. You can also play with computer players as your opposite team. Some of the FPS Games which I have reviewed earlier include: Red Eclipse and Prism.

Objective Of FPS Trainer:

FPS trainer main aim is to train game enthusiasts specially for FPS Games. This trainer shows you where you are hitting the opponents and the gun point is always indicated for a head shot. It also shows you where the opponents are located to make it easy for you, to locate and kill them. The game will interact with you with voice commands on when to reload, how to gain health, etc.

You just need to visit the website and it requests you to install a small software called Unity Web Player.

fps game unity

This unity software is available only for Windows and Mac OS X. After installing the software, the page will automatically appear. Select one of the test users from six of them. After you choose one of them the main menu appears as shown in below screenshot.

fps games

The main menu options are:

  • Play: This play mode is for playing with other users on net. But most of the time there are no players online. You can create a game by choosing Custom game and ask your friends to join the server to play with you.
  • Coaching: In coaching mode you can practice with the bots. You can choose number of opponents, time limit, number of kills, and levels. There are two levels: Water Works and Silo. After you input the game name then only you can enter the practice mode.
  • Game Settings: Here you can change the game settings and you can view the controls also.

fps games trainer

So, here’s your chance to become a good gamer in FPS games too. You can also read a review on How to Setup LAN Game for Multiplayer Mode; to play multiplayer game with your friends.

Click here to visit the website of FPS Trainer.

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