5 Free Battery Saver Apps For Android

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In this list, we talk about 5 free battery boosting apps for Android. These apps can come extremely handy if you have an Android phone which consumes lot of battery (which, essentially, is true for all Android phones). The apps discussed here will work wonders, and undoubtedly will show you a tremendous increase in battery life. Best off all, all these apps are freely available from the Play Store!

The interface of these apps is smooth and fluid, and these apps don’t lag or slow down your device in any way. The apps work quietly in the background, and consume little processor power, and continue to optimize in the background to ensure a longer battery life.

5 free android battery saver apps

1. Deep Sleep Battery Saver

ds battery saver main screen

Deep Sleep Battery Saver is a great app that runs in the background and optimizes your battery in a way that you save upto 2 to 8 hours of battery life on your Android device. This app is one great app that you can have on your device as it makes sure that battery indeed lasts long. The app shuts off your mobile radios including bluetooth, wifi, mobile data etc. when you switch off the screen of your device which themselves consume a lot of battery. You can choose to wake these radios up in different frequencies like 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. or only when you turn on the screen again. This takes off a big load from your battery giving you solid gains. The app also dims your display and performs various other optimizations. The app has various modes like Gentle, Strong, Aggressive etc.

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2. Cosmos Privacy


Cosmos Privacy is an all in one app that encompasses Battery Optimizer, Privacy Guard and Trash Cleaner. All these features are pretty much self explanatory, but as we are talking about battery saver apps, let’s talk about the battery saver feature of this app. Clicking on Battery Optimizer will present you an interface where you can switch off the radios like wifi, bluetooth etc. and change the display properties to save up on battery performance. The gains obtained by these options are pretty significant, and can really help you in increasing the battery runtime of your smartphone! You can check out the full review of this app to learn more about its other features.

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3. Easy Battery Saver

Easy Batter Saver Power Saving Modes

Easy Battery Saver for Android is a really easy to use battery saver app for Android devices. When you install and launch the app, you will be presented with features that will allow you to fine tune the battery performance of your Android device. The app has four modes: Normal Mode, General Power Saving Mode (optimizes the display brightness, etc.), Intelligent Power Saving Mode (intelligently switches off the radios and switches them on in various intervals to sync and get important updates) and Super Power Saving Mode (disables all the radios like WiFi etc.). You can use any power saving mode that suits you. The app also has a battery consumption meter that shows the battery percentage and battery intensive apps. This is one beautifully designed app for Android.

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4. PowerMax


PowerMax is a very easy tool for Android to boost the battery performance of Android. When you launch the app, there is a simple On/Off switch for enabling or disabling this app. When enabled, the app easily boosts the battery. You can choose the level of boosting from the slider at the right which has 4 modes – Custom, Low, Standard, Max. All the modes work as advertised and although in Low, Standard and Max modes, you don’t really know how the app is boosting the battery life, in Custom mode, you can actually set the parameters that you want for boosting the battery, like: Bluetooth Power, Wifi, etc. The app is incredibly straightforward and does not require any kind of complex insight into how it works, because after all it’s fully functional!

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5. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one solid battery saver app for Android devices. The app is incredibly fast and works flawlessly. By far, this is the most functional battery saver app that I have ever come across on the Android platform. When you launch the app, you will be presented with a screen which shows the current battery percentage, and a neat OPTIMIZE button is displayed next to it. When you click on optimize, the app automatically closes all the battery intensive apps running on your device, and furthermore, also gives you suggestions as to how you can further improve your battery life – by decreasing brightness, switching off mobile data etc. The app also has a setting where you can create certain modes (or profiles) where you can set the mobile data settings, display settings etc. for each mode. This way, you can create a truly powerful battery saver plan on your Android device. The app also supports widgets which allow you to optimize the battery life even further.

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My personal favorite on this list is the DU Battery Saver app, but don’t get me wrong here, all these apps are absolutely fantastic and work like a charm. You should definitely give any one of them a go as they never cease to amaze because of their amazing potential. Which one is your favorite? Let me know through the comments below!

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