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Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution is a free stunt car racing game app for Windows 10 devices. In the title of the game, the anagram SSR stands for Stunt School Revolution, and now as you may already have guessed, the game revolves around you successfully executing various stunts via your car. The game is lightweight given its graphics performance, and has a large selection of levels to choose from. Overall well polished, the game is a marvel for those who are addicts of racing games.

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution is available for free from the Windows App Store.Top Gear SSR main menu

Controls of Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution for Windows 10

The game’s control set is based on basic racing controls:

  • W/ Up arrow key: Accelerates the car.
  • A/ Left arrow key: Turn the car left.
  • S/ Down arrow key: Decelerate the car.
  • D/ Right arrow key: Turn the car right.

Alternatively on touch devices, on screen controls are also available. For devices with gyroscope, tilt controls are also available.

Main features of Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution for Windows 10

When you run Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution on your device, you will be presented with a daily reward – once per day.Top Gear SSR daily rewardsClick on the back arrow in the Daily Rewards pop up and you will be taken into the main menu of the game.Top Gear SSR main menu

Merely click on the PLAY button in the main menu. Once the gameplay starts, you will be shown a screen as shown below.Top Gear SSR gameplayOnce in the game, you have to control the car that you have, and ultimately execute the stunt that needs to be performed. If it is done successfully in less time, you will score a medal at the end of the level. As can be seen below, the level statistics are shown once the level completes, and you get to evaluate your performance in this screen.Top Gear SSR race statsCertain stunts will almost always fail, and you need to upgrade your vehicle to execute them successfully. The vehicles can be upgraded in the garage which is shown below.Top Gear SSR car upgradesThe upgrades can be purchased with the coins earned at the end of every level. These can be kept track of by glancing over at the top center of the screen. In the gameplay, at times you will encounter certain gift boxes which may grant you huge bonuses, you can see one such gift box in the screenshot below.Top Gear SSR gift boxesTo collect these gift boxes, all you need to do is to drive your car through the gift box. In the game, you will progress through various stages as and when you complete preceding stages, and when the stages get unlocked, you can choose to play them via the stage overview screen as shown in the screenshot below.Top Gear SSR stages overviewThis concludes the main features of Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution for Windows 10 devices.

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Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution is a great free car racing game for Windows 10 that allows you to awaken the stunt racer within you. The game packed with action and fast paced, and makes for a good download. I rate this game 4.5 out of 5!

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