Free Puzzle Game App For Windows 10: LOS ALIENS

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LOS ALIENS is a free puzzle game app for Windows 10 devices. The game is based on mouse controls and it is available for even devices with low end specifications. In the game, you play as an alien who has to jump through space from one planet to another. The game is great for enthusiasts and even for people who are just looking for games to test their mental might. Overall being highly polished and having smooth graphics, the game embarks you on a journey through space in which levels are completed by forming full lines of quarks in a limited number of moves. The game shows you the statistics at the end of each level.

LOS ALIENS is available for free from the Windows App Store.Los Aliens Main Menu

Gameplay of LOS Aliens:

Here is a quick video gameplay of Los Aliens of Windows 10. It will give you a good idea of this game:

Controls of LOS ALIENS for Windows 10:

LOS ALIENS is based on mouse controls. To play the game, you have to click on the block where you wish for your alien friend to move to. Simply move your mouse and use the left click to perform this action. The legal moves are illustrated in the screenshot below.Los Aliens Create quarks

Main features of LOS ALIENS for Windows 10 devices…

Running the game on your Windows 10 devices will present you with the main menu of the game itself which is shown in the screenshot below.Los Aliens Main Menu

Clicking on the Play toggle will take you to a brief tutorial of the game if it is the first time that you are playing this game on your device. At the beginning of a level, you are shown the objectives of the level.Los Aliens Level SelectionAs the above screen is the first level and my first time playing this game, I am shown a brief tutorial which follows the above screen. This tutorial window is attached below.Los Aliens TutorialYou are first introduced to the main character of the game. Then you are shown the controls of the game. Within the gameplay interface at the top left, you can see your objectives. You can also choose to pause the game by using the pause button at the top right screen corner.Los Aliens Create quarksThe gameplay of the game follows the tutorial. Once you have successfully finished a level by completing the level goals, you are shown your gameplay stats.Los Aliens statsYou can choose to go back to the level map at any point in time where you can see the available unlocked levels. Successive levels can only be unlocked upon completion of the previous ones.Los Aliens level mapIn the level map, you can also choose to view your achievements by clicking on the trophy button at the bottom right corner.Los Aliens achievements Similarly, you can also choose to view the available unlocked spaceships by clicking on the spaceship icon at the bottom right below the trophy icon.Los Aliens unlockable spaceshipsYou can either unlock spaceships by playing more levels or purchase them with real money.

This wraps the main features of LOS ALIENS for Windows 10.

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LOS ALIENS is a great free puzzle game app for Windows 10 which runs on almost any device running Windows 10. I recommend checking it out as the game checks all the right boxes of being a good puzzle game – right from graphics to the concept.

I rate this game a 4.5 out of 5!


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