Easy Battery Saver To Extend Battery Life Of Android

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Easy Battery Saver is a free Android app to save and extend the battery life of Android. Android Market comes up with this great battery saver app for Android to extend battery life of Android in an easy way. As we all Android users very well know, that the Android battery life is very less as compared to a normal phone or any other smart phone with some operating system other than Android. This is the major issue faced by all Android users as there are many unwanted applications which run in the background and drain up the battery. This Easy Battery Saver app for Android is the apt solution to extend battery life and make your Android smarter than before.

Easy Battery Saver

In addition, this battery saver app for Android comes up with multiple exciting options to extend battery life of Android in a smart way. It provides you full information about your Android battery including the remaining battery power, its remaining capacity, remaining talk time in hours, web surfing, Audio playback and much more. With these features, you can come to know the remaining battery status and then you can charge it accordingly.

It even comes up with multiple power saving mode, which includes multiple options within each mode. This battery saver app simply disables the unnecessary or unused programs running when your screen is locked. It disables the programs according to the power saver mode selected. Also, battery saver app even closes your mail sync and mobile networks. It doesn’t allow your Android to receive any mails and disables your mobile network, when your screen is locked.  If you don’t like the power saver mode within the app and want to customize programs by your choice, then you can go ahead and customize power saver mode options by your choice. The app also provides an advance customization option.

Easy Battery Saver Battery info

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Some Key Features Of Easy Batter Saver App For Android:

  • You can save battery and extend battery life of Android.
  • Tells you full information about battery including its remaining battery power, remaining battery capacity, talk time, web surfing and much more.
  • Provides, a consumption tracker option, which tells the, major consumption level.

Easy Battery Saver Consumption Tracker

  • Provides, a tutorial, which describes all, the recommendations to save battery life.
  • Comes up with multiple power saver mode which includes normal mode, general power saving mode, intelligent power saving mode and super power saving mode.

Easy Batter Saver Power Saving Modes

  • You can even switch to “Advanced customized mode” in which you can customize power saving mode by your choice.

Easy Battery Saver Advanced Mode

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How To Install Easy Battery Saver App:

  • Scan the QR Code below or go to “Android Market”.

  • Type “Easy Battery Saver” in the search tab to search the app from Android Market.
  • Tap on “Easy Batter Saver” from the searched list.
  • Tap on “Install” option available.

The free Easy Battery Saver app to extend battery life will be installed. Click here to download Easy Battery Saver app from Android Market. Just install this smart, intelligent app today on your smart phone and extend battery life of your Android in an easy way.

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Works With: Android 2.0 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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